Asia’s Cannes Contenders – DDB China Group


Campaign Brief Asia is asking agency networks to nominate some of their best chances at this year’s Cannes Lions. Over the next two weeks in the lead up to the Festival we will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges.

DDB Group, Shanghai

We made more than 100 various, vivid 9 cm figurines — crafted in the likeness of these family members, recreating the scenes of them overusing computers. Then set up a massive installation in an IT mall and put these figurines in sealed glass jars of different sizes. The glass jars with figurines were arranged in the form of a 5-meter-long keyboard, just like all the real-life family members being isolated in the keys. Every single person inside every single key had an isolated story. We extended the installation to places where more people could experience it, at outdoor plazas, hotels and metro stations.

Gatorade Lawn Refresher_SML.jpgGatorade Lawn Refresher

DDB Group, Shanghai

As a professional Sports beverage, Compared to our competition’s huge media investment. Gatorade’s marketing budget is small in China. With this challenge in mind, we used the environment as our medium, creating special outdoor ads to communicate to our core customer base generating huge talk value. The sprayers on a football field rehydrate the grass. Gatorade rehydrates the body. We created a field of Gatorade sprinklers. With strong affiliation with the major telecommunications companies, China Mobile enables marketers to locate their targets in a specific area via location based MMS advertising. Consumers would receive a digital coupon via mobile phone for a free bottle of Gatorade when getting close to the sprayer. This idea has also been implemented to other playing fields.


Tea Magnifier_sml.jpgLipton Tea Magnifier

DDB Group, Shanghai

Lipton aims to increase the penetration of the Bright Herbal Tea. However, Chinese censorship laws don’t allow communicating the healing benefits on mass media. So we created a special teacup to deliver the key benefit “can improve eyesight “in an up close way. In office building lobbies sampling booths, white collars can sample the Lipton Bright Herbal Tea with our custom-made teacup. Once the tea is poured, the tiny message at the base of the cup will be magnified, allowing consumer to experience improved vision. During the sampling period, the custom-made teacup drew crowds and consumers queued up to sample the product. Many netizens also tweeted about their eye-opening experience on weibo. The sales at hypermarkets increased dramatically by 26 times and the e-commerce sales by 286%.

1 Min Song for Shower_sml.jpg1 Min Song for Shower

DDB Group, Shanghai

In China, two out of five people love sing in the shower. The longer you sing, the more water is wasted. That’s why we created “1min song for shower”. Usually a song takes up to five minutes, but we composed a one minute song especially for shower. By reducing the length of the song, people shortened their shower time. We collaborated with a DJ from popular music radio station to release the song to the public. People further engaged on our campaign’s website. After the launch, a “one minute song” mobile app became available to turn any of your favorite songs on your device a “one minute” version.