Leading trendspotter and Havas PR, North America CEO Marian Salzman offers 2013 predictions with brand new e-book launch

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Marian-Salzman_Hi Rez_headshot.jpgMarian Salzman, one of the world’s leading trendspotters and CEO of Havas PR North America, has issued her 2013 trends in the new e-book What’s Next? What to Expect in 2013, a compilation of more than 150 predictions in 30 categories for the new year.


Salzman helped to popularise the words “singleton” and “metrosexual,” and multimillion-dollar brands depend on her expertise in correctly predicting cultural, social and economic trends.


Here is a sneak peek at some of her 2013 trends:

  • A new and rising trend is copreneurship, as life partners of whatever gender and sexual orientation go into business together.

  • The travel front for 2013 is all about wellness journeys, whether for plastic surgery, fertility clinics or even dental care.
  • People will delay entering the workforce in 2013 by staying in school, taking nonpaying internships or seasonal work, and using life as a classroom.
  • Watch for the rise of “celery stalkers”: people who pounce on food conversations to move closer to other people in the virtual conversation.

Smaller houses will be part of the new frugality. We’ll settle for smaller homes near transportation hubs and places where we can shop and eat out.
  • Economies will go alternative; bartering will become more popular. Freecycling (giving away unwanted goods to avoid having them end up in landfills) and freeganism (reclaiming and eating discarded food) will attract followers.
  • We will be rethinking quality of life. We’ve all been living life at breakneck speed; in 2013, there will be more interest in slower alternatives: slow cooking and eating, slow courtships, slow travel.
  • Making money is not going to be everyone’s big priority in 2013. People will want just enough to be comfortable.
  • Dads are the new moms. Rather than being diminished by the rise of women, the growing ranks of devoted and capable dads find their new role liberating.
  • “Native” is now a trigger word in fashion and style. As modern life accelerates into a future that gets more virtual with every year, consumers are increasingly feeling a sense of rootlessness.
  • People will be going back to authentic, whether it’s facial hair for men or wearing clothes that are made by artisans in your hometown.