Grey Kuala Lumpur launches print and online campaign to heighten the signs of Dyslexia


Dyslexia Picasso.jpgGrey Kuala Lumpur has developed a campaign to create awareness of dyslexia among parents and schoolteachers.

Most parents and schoolteachers are not aware that dyslexic children are very creative and good problem solvers. As a result, due to the inability to read and write properly, they are labeled stubborn or lazy.

Grey worked with Vince Low, a dyslexic and a professional illustrator to create ‘Dyslexia didn’t stop them’. The print and online campaign that features famous dyslexics like Einstein, John Lennon and Picasso, who didn’t let the disability come in the way of their talent.

Credits – Executive Creative Director: David Sin. Copywriters: Ramanjit Gulati, Jessica Wong, David Sin. Art Directors: Yan Yeh Ying, David Sin. Designer: Wendy Chiu. Illustrator: Vince Low. Account Manager: Elicia Wee.

Dyslexia Einstein.jpg

Dyslexia John Lennon.jpg