Bear Stock offers a stills image stock library specializing in location photographic backgrounds for CGI automotive models

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UB_ROA_0234 copy.jpgUB_ROA_0306 copy.jpgStills photographers, Urs Buhlman and Milos Mlynarik, along with Producer Josie King have drawn on their collective strengths to launch Bear Stock: a site that specialises in photographic back plates and 360º HDRI Domes for CGI vehicle builds and existing 2D assets.

With a career shooting cars on location the transition to creating a stock library seemed a natural progression for Buhlman. Twelve months on from the launch of Bear Stock the team are committed to providing the market with unique and iconic imagery.

Constantly shooting and uploading fresh content: from city streets by day and night, country and rural roads, tunnels, roads by the sea, forest and the desert with an emphasis on maintaining a library of the highest quality images, Bear Stock is focused on becoming a first resource for advertising agencies and postproduction houses.

The name ‘Bear Stock’ comes from the Swiss born Buhlman who was named after the Ursus constellation which means “Bear” in Latin and so the name was born.

View the Bear Stock site here and contact Josie for help with that image search, larger files for layout purposes or for general site enquiries.

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