Beautiful cooling happens with Symphony Window coolers in humorous spot by DDB Mudra

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COOL1.jpgSymphony is one of the leading names in air coolers in India, renowned for its varied and beautiful product range. The brand has positioned itself as something that understands India’s cooling needs, captured nicely through the ‘India Ko Rakhe Cooler’ campaign.

Remaining true to its proposition of ‘India Ko Rakhe Cooler’, Symphony launched its first ever branded window coolers. This machine is a combination of good looks and durability, something that is apt for window application in Indian weather conditions.

COOL2.jpgMany households in India place coolers on their windows, and for that they prefer unbranded metal body coolers. Symphony wasn’t necessarily in their consideration set because Symphony, for them, is a beautiful plastic body cooler meant for indoors. By launching an all-weather composite plastic body cooler made specifically for windows, Symphony wanted to redefine the category. The brief given to the DDB Mudra West team was to project Symphony window coolers as a beautiful alternative to the ugly looking/bulky/unbranded metallic body coolers.

Since ‘cooling’ is a hygiene factor in the category, the challenge was to communicate the superior features and the aesthetics of Symphony window coolers. Instead of bashing the unbranded coolers, Symphony, in its trademark style, took the leap of playing on the aesthetics of the cooler and finding connections with the people it cools.

Kare Khoobsurti Se Thanda – The key aspect of Symphony window coolers is that it looks beautiful. Hence the idea of ‘cooling beautifully’, like some people in real life. The team created a lateral campaign by using playful humor as the tone. In the TVC.

COOL3.jpgThe Symphony Window cooler film features a slightly grumpy dad and his teenage son, and a ‘slice of life’ situation where the son reluctantly produces his report card to his dad, in the presence of his grandma. As the dad reacts angrily to the ‘low’ marks, the son naughtily reveals that the report card, is, in fact, the dad’s seventh standard one – and not his, much to the embarrassment of the dad. The dad’s anger suddenly turns into a meek surrender with a sheepish smile, thereby ‘cooling’ the situation. Subtly, the grandma’s role in the whole situation is revealed, and the connection to Symphony Window Coolers as being coolers that ‘kare khoobsurti se thanda’. Much like the characters featured in the film.

Commenting on this Rajesh Mishra, Associate Vice President, Marketing, Symphony Limited said, “In the hardcore air cooler markets, unbranded segment continues to dominate and one of the reasons is that these coolers are made for window installation, which is the preferred installation method in those markets. Symphony entered the air cooler market in 1988 with the introduction of a window cooler that had looks of an AC and the model was a great success. As we progressed, we started focusing on all the markets and also entered many other countries. The product designs were being made to appeal to the global consumers and we had slim designs, tower coolers and many other models that were aesthetically very good looking and portable. These coolers were ideal room coolers. However in our quest to have the right models for the global needs, we somehow lost focus on tapping the large window cooler market and even though we had some models that were ideal for window installation, we did not communicate enough about them. Now, with the introduction of India’s first branded window cooler range of coolers, we intend to have greater focus and with an aggressive communication plan we hope to get a larger chunk of this market.”

Speaking about the campaign, Rahul Mathew, Creative Head, DDB Mudra West said, “With Symphony we’ve often borrowed from life to make our point. So to launch its beautiful range of window coolers we yet again looked into the lives of Indians. And found that we all know people who know how to cool down the most heated of moments in an effortless and beautiful manner. It’s from there that we arrived at “kare khoobsurati se thanda” and decided to use such individuals to announce the Symphony Window Coolers that does quite the same.

Credits – Chairman and chief creative officer: Sonal Dabral. Office head: Rajiv Sabnis. Creative Head – West: Rahul Mathew. Business Head: Ronak Shah. Creative Team: Sharat Kuttikat, Jayesh Vaghela, Ravi Shanker, Dipen Patel, Swathy Sreekumar. Account Management Team: Vikrant Jain, Shishir Shah, Arnab Das Gupta. Account Planning: Amit Kekre, Shekhar Pandey, Vinayak Dubey. Films Dept: Achyutanand Dwivedi. Production House: ShowandTell. Director: Nitish Sharma. Producer: Anil Sonawane. Executive Producer: Sunil Sharma. DOP: Sejal Shah.