Femina adopts new positioning and tagline via “Be Unstoppable” campaign via DDB Mudra West

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Femina_1.jpgDDB Mudra West has launched Femina’s new positioning and tagline “Be Unstoppable” via a print and outdoor campaign. First in a series of initiatives, Femina unveiled their new positioning and tagline through a provocative cover for their July issue titled “My Body, My Rules”, with cover girl Huma Qureshi.

The “My Body, My Rules” exemplifies the brand positioning, saluting women who’ve chosen to go beyond conventions and refuse to be boxed into someone else’s definition of perfection. Using a striking visual of Huma Qureshi juxtaposed with the “ideal” body form of a mannequin the issue makes a powerful point about body image. The issue campaign encourages women to embrace their bodies – perfections and imperfections alike. Using innovative hashtags, contests, celebrity stories and engagement on social media, the campaign aims to reach out to the modern millennial woman. Additionally, it also spans traditional mediums like outdoor and print.

Elaborating on how Femina has changed the game in the last five decades, Tarun Rai, CEO, Worldwide Media says: “Over the last five decades Femina itself has been unstoppable. It has always been progressive, always championed the modern Indian woman, always inspired her to achieve more and celebrated her successes. And Femina has succeeded and grown in stature because it has continuously changed itself and stayed relevant to its readers. In a sense Femina epitomises the journey of the modern Indian woman in the last five decades. Our new tag line “Be Unstoppable” captures Femina’s belief that modern Indian women have the confidence today to live their lives on their terms and achieve more.”

Femina Outdoor_1.jpgSaid Venkatagiri Rao, Former ECD, DDB Mudra West: “For a “traditional” medium to remain relevant, and to engage with the millennial woman, a “traditional” campaign just wouldn’t do. We had to think of ways to make the brand, and the magazine, a part of their always-on digital lifestyle. The tagline was the easiest part. So, rather than a one-off campaign, we decided to gatecrash their digital lives through the year. With special issues led by provocative topics and covers, and accompanying activations that give the readers something to participate, protest about, play with and pass on. All held together by the tagline: Be Unstoppable. This burst is hopefully the first of many steps.”

Sharing her views on the new tagline, Tanya Chaitanya, Editor, Femina, says: “‘Stop wearing that dress, it’s too short.’ ‘Stop going out so late at night, it’s unsafe outside.’ ‘Stop eating that carb-laden pasta, it will make you fat.’ How many times have we been stopped in our tracks from doing what we wanted? Every minute, I’d say. Yet as Indian women, we have gone forward and changed things around for ourselves, determined to the core. The world can pull us back as much as it wants, we intend to push back, stay ahead and kiss the sky. Ergo, Femina’s new tagline: Be Unstoppable.”


Advertising Agency: DDB Mudra West

Account Planning Team: Amit Kekre, Mehak Jaini and Neha Damle

Account Management Team: Anurag Tandon,. Sandhya Seshadri and Sarita Sequeira

Creative Team: Venkatagiri Rao, Karunasagar Shridharan, Preeti Verma, Diya Sarker and Janani Ganesh

Digital Execution Partner: Foxymoron