DDB Group Singapore ‘tweaks’ Social Media logos in new Breast Cancer Foundation campaign

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Breast Cancer Foundation_facebook.jpgAsk women what’s the first thing they check in the morning, and more often than not, it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) in Singapore wanted to remind women of the importance of regular breast self-examinations in the midst of their busy social media lives.


DDB Group Singapore designed posters that featured social media logos with a twist. At first glance, the graphics resemble the famous logos. But on closer inspection, we realize each logo shows a hand doing a breast self-examination. The copy urges the reader to spend time checking her breasts instead of social media.


To engage the digitally savvy as influencers to drive awareness, BCF and DDB Singapore also launched an online appeal  to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, urging them to adopt the unique logos during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


Neil Johnson, Chief Creative Officer

Joji Jacob, Group ECD

Thomas Yang, Deputy ECD

Marcus Lim, Art Director/Illustrator/Designer

Yuanheng Gao, Senior Copywriter

Jonathan Lim, Business Director and Strategist

Rowena Bhagchandani, Managing Director

Alexis Cheong, Strategy Planner

Amanda Chen, Account Executive

Breast Cancer Foundationtwitter.jpg

Breast Cancer Foundationinstagram.jpg