Grey Shanghai delivers the benefits of walnut consumption disguised as a wacky K-pop music video targeting Chinese teenagers


Walnut.jpgThere is a common misconception that all nuts provide a similar level of nutrition. It is with this misinterpretation, the California Walnuts Commission faced a huge challenge to show the world that walnuts have their own unique nutritional profile – a profile that actually makes it an incredible source of brain food.

Collaborating with Grey Shanghai, the California Walnut Commission launched an unorthodox campaign to showcase how walnuts can boost brainpower – right in time to help final year high school students in China to prepare better for their exams.

Walnut 2.jpgIntroducing its first ever music video! Five local Internet starlets with a strong teen following were transformed into China’s very own overnight one-hit wonder pop sensation – the girl band known as the “Recess Princess”. This debut hit single “Recess for the Mind” combines song and dance to deliver the message of how walnuts are an excellent source of brain food to help achieve higher test scores.

Funny, yet insanely catchy, it appeals to the unique taste of teenagers while helping them take a break from the stress of studying. Enjoy schoolgirls breaking into Korean-pop inspired ‘brain exercise dances’, quirky lyrics that promote walnuts, Wallie cheering the students on, and an overall feel-good atmosphere to boost students’ confidence as they prepare to take on the largest exam of the year.