Cheil Worldwide SW Asia brings the ocean to the desert for the launch of Samsung’s Curved TV

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Curvd tv.jpgSamsung India has launched its Curved TV Campaign in India. The campaign created by Cheil Worldwide SW Asia epitomizes the diverse viewing experience of the Curved TVs, with sensational picture quality, seamless interaction and ultra-stylish design proffering surround view – as real as life.


Curved tv2.jpgThe innovative Curved TV celebrates a major milestone in design, delivering surround view experience with greater depth and superior picture. It sets new industry standards and elevates the viewing experience to the next level. All Samsung TVs, including Curved TVs, UHD TVs and FHD TVs, will be powered by Samsung’s proprietary TIZEN OS.


Samsung is a clear leader in the television segment for the last 9 consecutive years in India. Hence, the campaign’s objective was to sustain the market leadership and break the clutter during the festive time with an out-of-the-box idea. It needed to bring to life the unique curved shape of Samsung Curved TV that gives a surround experience, view with life-like picture quality that makes the TV viewing experience truly extraordinary.


The film opens in a Haveli in the middle of the Rajasthan desert. A 10 year old boy is running down the village street calling out to his friends to follow him. “Jaldi ao, uddne wali machali aayi hai!”

curved tv3.jpgThe kids look intrigued, and ask each other, “uddne wali machali?” Curious, the others kids follow the boy. They run out of the village into the desert, really excited about what they are going to see. They run over dunes and go deeper into the desert. Just as they crest a high sand dune, they suddenly stop. Down below, there is a bright, colourful fair. But what has caught their attention is a huge luminous dome. It almost looks out of place surrounded by colourful tents, a Ferris wheel and bright sparkling lights. The kids run down to the fair, passing past magicians, fire-breathers, jugglers, kalbelia dancers. But they don’t stop to see any of that. They head straight towards the dome. There is a moment of hushed expectation before they part the curtains and enter the dome. Once inside the dome, the kids are awestruck. They have left the desert behind and entered the ocean. For above their heads, surrounding them completely is the ocean. Bright coloured coral and fish swim around them in the beautiful blue water. And suddenly from the distance, a flock of massive sting rays are rushing towards them. As they float past, the sting ray looks like birds flapping its wings. All the kids look in amazement at the wonderful sight in front of them. Then we see that the ocean is actually made up of Samsung Curved TVs. All stacked up to make a hemispherical dome. The panel which has the lead sting ray now separates itself from the dome and integrates into the product shot. MVO: Surround your view as real as life. Samsung Curved TV.


Kundan Joshee, Sr. Vice President, Cheil Worldwide said, “With Samsung Curve TV, we already have a differentiated product; our challenge was to present a fresh perspective and align it with the brand’s promise of delivering outstanding viewing experience. The simplicity of the thought has been crafted into a visual spectacle making it memorable content.”


Navin Theeng, Group Creative Director, Cheil Worldwide added, “Advertising for televisions always talks about product attributes; better colours and sharper pictures being the usual suspects. So for Samsung Curved TVs, we decided to go beyond that and incorporate an emotional arc. It is the story of children who live in the desert experiencing the wonders of the ocean for the very first time. The product differentiator, the unique curved design of the TV, comes across subtly in the design of the dome-shaped aquarium. What has added to the charm are the wonderful lyrics by Swanand Kirkire and the feel of the desert that Mame Khan’s singing has brought about.”


Credits –

Creative Team: Navin Theeng, Jayant Mathew, Debmalaya Mitra

Account Management: Kundan Joshee, Mohit Mishra, Vikas Negi, Nitin Malik, Disha Mehndiratta

Director (of the TVC): Corydon Wagner

Exécutive Producer & Producer: Anuradha Sachdev & Dalbir Singh

Production House: Kiss Films

Post production studio: Laposta, L.A.

Music Credits: Pankaj Awasthi

Lyricist: Swanand Kirkire

Singer: Mame Khan