ADK Japan and WWF collect wastepaper in Trash Ad project to highlight the danger to wildlife

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Trash Ad.jpgMany species of wildlife are becoming endangered or are at the risk of extinction due to deforestation around the world. On the other hand, paper consumption, per person, in Japan, is “4 times” the global average. WWF Japan asked for a new, different point of view and idea that could raise awareness about the mass consumption of paper in Japan, and encourage less wastepaper.

Trash Ad2.jpgADK Japan conducted the ‘Trash AD’ project by collecting wastepaper from trash boxes in schools, offices and parks. Then they neatly spread the wastepaper and drew animals on it. The visual concept made the ruled lines on the paper to act as a cage, to visualize how mass consumption of paper is like trapping and caging the lives of wild animals. They then posted the drawings to where they collected the wastepaper.

Credits –

Creative Director: Fusanari Masuda

Art Director: Fusanari Masuda

Copywriter: Mari Hosokawa

Illustrator: Kota Kato

Designers: Kana Kikuchi, Kenichi Ohno

Photographer: Kenichi Muramatsu

Retoucher: Takeshi Yoshikawa

Account Executive: Shoichiro Saikawa

Director: Kenichiro Shimizu

Film Producers: Naomi Kawata, Koji Kaseda, Kazuhisa Inoue

Film Production Company: Onion

Print Production CompanyCity: Sun