Nissan technology disrupts daily objects with the launch of Nissan’s intelligent parking chair in a campaign via TBWA\Hakuhodo Japan

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IPC3.jpgTBWA\Hakuhodo Japan recently supported Nissan to launch the ‘Intelligent Parking Chair’, using expertise inspired by its Intelligent Parking Assist Technology that allows drivers to effortlessly park vehicles using automatic steering.

With Nissan’s corporate vision of ‘enriching people’s lives through technology’, the team worked with TBWA\Hakuhodo to hack into some daily objects that could be disrupted using Nissan technology.

IPC1.jpgThe ‘Intelligent Parking Chair’ is an office chair that can automatically reset to its original position to keep offices tidy. It is fitted with a 360 degree motorised roller system, and uses four ceiling cameras to generate a ‘bird’s-eye view’, in order to wirelessly transmit the chair’s position and route to destination.

The light-hearted concept moves away from targeting car enthusiasts, and instead focuses on day-to-day drivers, who may find Nissan’s Intelligent Parking Assist Technology more beneficial.

IPC2.jpgThe innovative chair not only demonstrates the latest technology adopted by Nissan vehicles, but also frees Japanese office workers from the tedious task of rearranging office chairs, and gives the world an insight into Japan’s unique obsession for tidiness. With this technology, you’ll never leave the meeting room messy again!


Credits –

Creative Director: Takahiro Hosoda

Art Director: Takaya Masuda

Copywriter: Tetsuya Umeda

Interactive Planner: Kazuaki Kuribayashi

PR Planner:Hideyuki Kobayashi

Agency Producers: Hirotaka Fukatsu, Kaoru Otani

Interactive Producers: Kazuoki Uedo, Shogo Ushiyama

Account Directors: Yoshiki Okayasu, Akihiro Okamoto

Account Supervisor: Takuma Fujii

Account Executives: Kentaro Ito, Mari Nakasu

Production Company: TYO Inc.

Production Company Head Producer: Hideaki Hamatani

Producer: Kenichi Shimada

Directors: Masato Goto, Jyunichi Inoue [Making Movie]

Cameraman: Syuhei Onaga

Production Managers: Ayako Ogawa, Daisuke Murayama

Interactive Production Company: BIRDMAN

Interactive Company Head/Creative Director: Roy Ryo Tsukiji

Technical Director: Takeru Kobayashi

Device Engineer: Yohei Kajiwara

Device Engineer: Takumi Saito

Director: Takuro Ito

Project Manager: Akane Inada

PR Agency: KARTZ Media Works