Geometry Global South Korea takes home gold for SUNcubator at Design Excellence Awards

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SUNcubator.jpgGeometry Global South Korea has been awarded Gold at the 36th annual International Design Excellence Awards in Detroit for the Social Impact Design category.


Tackling the challenge in Africa of high temperatures during the day which plummet by at least 30 degrees at night, the SUNcubator provides a warm bed for babies to sleep in by storing heat during the day. Infants are unable to regulate their body temperature and are thus susceptable to a weakened immune system and potentially hypothermia when faced with a dramatic drop in temperature.

SUNcubator is designed to use solar energy, which means that the design is 100% sustainable and more affordable to run. It can store heat for up to 12 hours which is much longer than existing products.

Credits – Design: Joon Kwon, Jihye Hong, Insup Yun, Minha Kwon, Keunhee Kim, Usuk Lee, Jihoon Park