AP Thai and CJ Worx Thailand create unusually shaped football fields for disadvantaged youth


AP Thai.jpgCJ Worx Thailand brings this feel good spot about how AP Thailand is helping disadvantaged youth in Thailand’s poorer districts.

The Unusual Football Field is an unorthodox football field that redefines the boundaries of the traditional rectangular field. This project is the brainchild of AP Thailand, a highly renowned real estate developer, in collaboration with CJ Worx. The concept originated from an idea called “Think Space,” with the goal to transform a small and irregularly-shaped field into a practical football field that still allows fair play between teams. The idea questions the limits of space in order to illustrate our brand’s belief that “Space can change one’s life.”

The Unusual Football Field was developed in Khlong Toei community, a highly populated area in Bangkok which is believed to have no usable space left. However, in reality, there are numerous asymmetrical spaces scattered across this district.


AP Thailand decided to design a field for playing football, which is the most favorable sport in Thailand, in order to promote relationships among the people in the community. This unusual football field has proven that designing outside boundaries can help foster creativity used to develop these useful spaces.

We hope that other communities will adapt this idea to change their own irregular space into an area for organizing various activities, under the concept that “Any abnormal space can achieve the highest benefit.”

Credits –

Executive Creative Director: Saharath Sawadatikom

Creative Director: Thanasorn Janekankit

Art Directors: Nittaya Chananukul, Saharath Sawadatikom

Copywriters: Rattasak Mututanondh, Thanasorn Janekankit

Project Manager: Nutcha Mauthorn

Production House: Meour