Health Promotion Board and Clear Channel Singapore put the fun back into taking steps

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HPB-1.jpgThe Health Promotion Board (HPB) has launched the National Steps Challenge Season 2, supported by media agency MEC Singapore and media partner Clear Channel. The nationwide social movement campaign provokes the curiosity of commuters and takes them on a journey to a healthier lifestyle.

The Health Promotion Board (HPB) puts the fun back into taking steps with the launch of its National Steps Challenge Season 2 campaign. The campaign encourages Singaporeans to be physically active by taking more steps in their daily lives anytime, anywhere; and be rewarded for tracking their steps.

HPB-2.jpgHPB-3.jpgTaking steps have always been seen as a necessity in terms of commute. As part of Health Promotion Board’s effort to get Singapore residents to be more physically active every day, anytime and anywhere, the interactive element on the Clear Channel campaign demonstrates taking steps can be fun and exciting and that being physically active is simple and easy.

Commuters who are idle at the Clear Channel bus shelters can now get active by playing an arcade-like game and win a variety of rewards such as Under Armour t-shirts, 100 Plus canned drinks and shopping vouchers from Samsung, Sony, Actxa, Sportslink and more. This is to encourage the adoption or change in behaviour, by empowering and rewarding Singaporeans who take responsibility of their health and make a change.

“Audiences today are ready to engage with brands out-of-home and if you provoke their curiosity, you will be surprised by their positive attitude and openness to be engaged. To optimise interactive out-of-home to its full potential, not only must the activity resonate with the overall brand and campaign message it must also give the participant something of value. The National Steps Challenge is a great initiative by the Health Promotion Board, an engaging campaign that extends the user’s brand journey meaningfully,” said Amanda Woo, Head of Marketing, Clear Channel Singapore.