Times of India say #NoConditionsApply over Shindoor Khela via new campaign via FCB Ulka

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No Conditions Apply.jpgFCB Ulka India’s #NoConditionsApply campaign for Times of India aims to change the 400-year-old Bengali Hindu ritual of Shindoor Khela from one of division to one of inclusion.

During this custom, married women come together to celebrate their marital status, while others – namely single women, divorcees and widows, as well as the gay and transgender community – are forced to look on, uninvited.

#NoConditionsApply creates a newly inclusive Shindoor Khela: narrated by various unmarried women from the community, the film presents the point-of-view of these onlookers, and gives them a voice for change. This new celebration embraces all women, regardless of background or social identity, to transform the long-held tradition of division into a tradition of sisterhood.

Client: Times of India

Creative Agency: FCB Ulka

Creative Partner: Fred Levron

Chief Creative Officer: Swati Bhattacharya

National Creative Director: Surjo Dutt

Creative Team: Shailesh Khandeparker, Romit Nair, Donovan D’souza, Arijit Gupta, Arijit Sengupta, Abhijeet Ray, Anusheela Saha, SV Srinath, Gayatri Sriram, Ranit Mukherjee, Aurdhendu Banerji

Account Management: M N Damodaran, Vineeta Arora

Planning Team: John Thangaraj

Director (of the TVC): Amit Roy

Producers: Kirk Dias, Ramel George

Production House: The Bakery Films