McCann Health Japan and ANGFA create the first washable book to prevent infectious diseases

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Washable Book key visual.jpgOn January 15, ‘Hand Washing Day’ in Japan, McCann Health announced that together with ANGFA they have developed the world’s first* picture book, “Washable Book” that provides children an experience to enjoy a story by washing the hands of the character in the storybook with a germicidal soap, which prevents infectious diseases. Children will thereby learn that germicidal soap can dramatically change their future.

In developing countries, 6,000 children die every day from infectious diseases.

ANGFA, known for its preventive medicine products, believes the usage of germicidal soap can dramatically change the game. ANGFA launched their SAVE SOAP campaign in October last year, which is a campaign where a soap will be sent to Cambodia for every soap that is purchased in Japan.

Washable Book - front cover.jpgThumbnail image for Washable Book - BEFORE.jpgWashable Book - AFTER.jpgANGFA’s “Washable Book” is the world’s first picture-book where children can only read the story by washing the character’s hands on the pages. Through a special printing technology, washing the hands on the page reveals their bright future in color. Going beyond just hand-washing, through the story, children can learn what a germicidal soap can make possible for their own future.

As the first delivery, 400 “Washable Book” have been produced and will be sent to children in Cambodia together with the germicidal soap. The objective of the “Washable Book” is to convey to children in developing countries that a great future awaits them by preventing diseases by washing their hands with soap.

Jeremy Perrott, Global Chief Creative Officer of McCann Health commented, “The true human instinct to touch feel and experience is brought to life in this simple, engaging and powerfully compelling book. What I love most about this book, is the lack of high tech and sophisticated systems to convey a message. Instead we learn through an experience and remember because of the simple act of washing a surface to reveal its message. Simply genius.”

Sean Riley, Executive Creative Director McCann Health, Japan & North Asia said, “The Washable book is not just a book…it is a learning experience – an interactive storybook that incorporates the physical act of handwashing into the story itself…to ensure that the connection between cause and effect is crystal clear.”

*World’s first according to agency research