BBH India’s new film takes a peek into a world of possibilities on Tinder and starts something epic

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Tinder.jpgEvery swipe on Tinder represents the possibility of meeting someone new and interesting, and starting something epic – an epic friendship, a crazy adventure or an epic love story. The possibilities are endless and quite literally in the palm of your hand. Tinder’s new digital film brings this world of possibilities alive.

This latest Tinder video follows the fun, confident and spunky Tinder girl, played by indie musician and actor Kavya Trehan, as she goes about exploring the world and herself, enjoying the adrenaline rush of bonding with the people she meets along her way. Her world is full of joy, ease, spontaneity, excitement and adventure, minus any fear of rejection or judgment to hold her back.


Tinder 2.jpgTinder 3.jpgThe film conceptualized and executed by BBH India and directed by Bharat Sikka, plays to a lively background score of ‘Jaan Pehchan Ho,’ originally sung by late Mohammad Rafi and has been recreated by Mikey McCleary – an India-born New Zealander music composer known for many award-winning tracks. A 90-second digital film, it brings to life the snazzy, empowering and irreverent world of Tinder where one is free to be oneself, create new connections with like-minded people, and open a world of epic experiences for themselves.

Taru Kapoor, India Head, Tinder, said, “Our lives ultimately are shaped by the people we meet, the relationships we forge and the epic memories we create with them throughout our lives. Tinder expands your world by helping you meet new and interesting people you may never meet otherwise, as well as opens doors to exciting beginnings. The film portrays the joy and adrenaline of the epic possibilities that millions of Tinder users enjoy every day while being in control at all times. On Tinder, epic can range from a great conversation where you discover something new, an amazing first date, the beginning of a new friendship to the starting of a romantic relationship – the chemistry of every conversation on Tinder is unique! Women especially love Tinder as it is a community based on equality, mutual respect and a place where they are not judged for being themselves or being bombarded with unsolicited attention.”


Vasudha Misra, Executive Creative Director, BBH Delhi added, “Tinder, at its core, connects people to other like-minded people, helps one make new friends, find a date or a life partner. It puts people in control of their social interactions in a way that may not be possible otherwise.  And this film is an unabashed, joyous celebration of that feeling. In a world where we are always being told how to behave and what not to do, Tinder stands (and does a little jig) for individual choice, without judgment.”


Shreekant Srinivasan, General Manager BBH Delhi said, “BBH has been known for partnering with some of the most iconic global brands that challenged and redefined pop culture. Tinder has challenged taboos and become a part of lifestyle and culture both globally and in India. So, the partnership is natural. I’m extremely excited with the work we have created.”


Credits –

Chief Creative Officer & Managing Partner – Russell Barrett

Managing Director –  Arvind Krishnan

Executive Creative Director- Vasudha Misra

Art Director – Rodrigues Robert

Head of Production – Khvafar Vakharia

General Manager – Shreekant Srinivasan

Business Partner – Sankalp Anand

Strategy Director – Ankit Singh


Production House – Ransom Film

Director – Bharat Sikka

DOP – Jake Scott

Executive Producer –  Salil Khurana

Producer – Sia Bhuyan

Music Publisher – Mikey Mccleary

Editor – Lucian Bernard & Abhinav Gupta