Facebook shuts down TBWA\SMP Philippines’ Bahay Tuluyan child abuse message video

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Shelter House2.jpgSocial media giant Facebook yesterday took down the recently released TBWA\SMP Philippines Bahay Tuluyan video that highlights child abuse. In addition, Facebook suspended the uploader’s admin privileges for supposedly violating their community standards. An appeal has been made to Facebook, which, at the time of this writing, had yet to respond.

The client and agency claim that in silencing the video, Facebook has only proven the very point that Bahay Tuluyan sought to address.

Worldwide, millions of children are sexually abused every year. In the Philippines, from 2011-2016, there were reports of 7418 children raped, by adults children trusted, Bahay Tuluyan (Shelter House) of the Philippines, in partnership with TBWA\SMP, released “Disgusting Stories”, an animated film using actual illustrations by abused children  given by sociologist Dr. Elspeth McInnes of University of South Australia.

Within 24 hours of posting, the video had been picked up by publications and children’s rights groups all over the world, reaching Macedonia, Vietnam, France, United Kingdom, Portugal and America.

The official TBWA\SMP Facebook account had this to say: “Last week, Bahay Tuluyan presented stories of  children that we cannot be silent about. But last night, Facebook silenced their stories because they violated FB’s community Standards. We are appealing for Facebook to reinstate our film.”

Despite the setback, Bahay Tuluyan’s mission to respond to abuse and exploitation of Filipino children continues. Bahay Tuluyan encourages everyone to report suspected abuse to the proper authorities, and help put a stop to these crimes through donations or volunteering. The organization also provides programs and services aimed to prevent and respond to child abuse and and exploitation, and rescue the victims.