International artist Takahito Irie takes up artistic creative director role at GPB Shanghai

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Takahito Irie.jpgTakahito Irie a former digital creative with Dmajor/GroupIDD will be the next Artistic Creative Director at GPB Shanghai. One of the fastest growing Shanghai-based creative start-ups, the company’s initials stand for Good People Basically.

Born in Hiroshima Japan, Irie is one of the few prominent Japanese digital creatives working in China. He is an internationally celebrated artist behind the work for H/U/M/A/N M/A/C/H/I/N/E. The work has been displayed at numerous exhibitions in London, Japan, Seoul, Beijing and Germany, and has led to collaborations with fashion and cosmetics labels such as HUGO, Belief and many more. On June 27th, the work was awarded for the Best Concept at the S-NOVA Art & Technology Award Show held at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai.

Andrew June, Client-Partnership Director said, “We refuse to conform to convention when it comes to hiring creative people. As a content startup, we are actively exploring new talent streams that will help our clients connect with fresh ideas and innovative media. If that means hiring creatives who work outside the industry, so be it. We are committed to bringing people with fresh perspectives and entertaining ideas into our industry and in front of our clients.”

“Taka’s appointment is a reflection of the increasing demand for new-media, artistic content, fictional influencers and immersive “storyliving” in the world of today’s marketing,” said Alvin Lim, Creative Chairman. “It is an acknowledgment that we must respond to contemporary culture in new ways.”