Your favourite Ben & Jerry’s beverages are better served frozen in a campaign via Clear Channel

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Unilever Singapore, Mindshare Singapore and Clear Channel creates a stunning DOOH campaign and educate consumers that their favourite beverages (cold brew coffee and chocolate malt milkshake) are now “Better Served Frozen” with Ben & Jerry’s.

Ben & Jerry’s campaign seeks to tap on a holistic suite of modern and traditional solutions to show consumers how it has transformed their favourite local beverages into frozen delights. Unilever Singapore recognises that the DOOH space presents infinite creative and engagement possibilities. The 2-week campaign features the new flavour on Play, across the SuperValueDeal and Business-As-Usual ProxPax, contextually placed in proximity to supermarkets and CBD areas targeting young professionals and ice cream lovers during meal times between 12pm to 2pm and 7pm to 9pm.

PlayLive! interactive digital screens at prime locations such as NEX, Orchard Turn and Penang Road were also a key part of the integrated marketing plan. The digital screens showcase the gradual freezing of beverages before “shaking, shattering and revealing” the new, appetizing ice cream flavours. The interactive digital panels will pique the interest of consumers and convey the brand message in an engaging fashion, elevating the traditional out-of-home experience.

“Ben & Jerry’s campaign, as with many other advertisers, developed a wealth of rich media digital assets. With Play and PlayLive!, we have the capabilities to extend the creative digital content into an out-of-home environment incorporating moving visuals (coffee filling a cup), sound (cracking screen effect) and touchscreen interactivity (touch and reveal) – delivering highly contextual and meaningful engagements with its consumers,” said Amanda Woo, Head of Client Partnerships and Business Development at Clear Channel Singapore.

“The DOOH execution with Clear Channel aligned with our digital plan across social, digital, mobile and launch activations. We leveraged interactive screens to transform traditional out-of-home advertising into unique brand engagement opportunities. Unveiling a product using elements of anticipation and interaction through this innovative concept will strengthen top-of-mind recall and ultimately sales,” said Michelle Foo, Assistant Brand Manager, Ben & Jerry’s Singapore.