2018 Korean Creative Agency of the Year award goes to Cheil Worldwide: Sungphil Hwang and Hyungkyun Oh head up Hottest Creatives table

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CB Asia 2018_Korea_AoY.jpgKate Oh.jpgCheil Worldwide Seoul is once again the strongest creative force in the Korean market topping this year’s 2018 Campaign Brief Asia Korea Creative Rankings.

With 1285 Creative Ranking Points in the latest Campaign Brief Asia Creative Rankings, Cheil Worldwide Seoul is a clear #1 in Korea and is awarded the Campaign Brief Asia 2018 Korean Creative Agency of the Year award.

in 2018 Cheil continued their excellent performances at the global and regional award shows picking up at AdStars (170pts), Spikes Asia (160pts), AdFest (130pts), Cannes Lions (40pts), London International Awards (55pts), Clio (30pts) and New York Festivals (25pts). (Pictured left is Cheil Worldwide Korea ECD Kate Hyewon Oh).

At #2 in Korea is Innocean Worldwide with 485 Creative Ranking Points. The agency scored an impressive 390 Creative Ranking Points in 2018 to move up from the #3 ranking position in Korea in 2017.

CB Asia 2018_Korea_agencies.jpgInnocean’s best 2018 performances were at New York Festivals (110pts) and AdFest (110pts). The agency also picked up awards at Spikes Asia (70pts), AdStars (30pts), Cannes Lions (40pts) and Clio (30pts).

With 350 points Serviceplan Korea is the #3 highest ranked agency in Korea. The agency scored 160 Creative Ranking Points in 2018 – all of them at AdStars 2017.

#4 in Korea is Innored Seoul with 105 points. #5 is AdQUA Interactive, followed by HS Ad at #6.

The Korean Hottest Creatives table for this year is lead by Cheil Worldwide Seoul creative team Sungphil Hwang and Hyungkyun Oh.

Sungphil Hwang_cheil.jpgHyungkyun-Oh_Cheil.jpgSungphil Hwang (pictured left) and Hyungkyun Oh (pictured below left) are both ranked equal #1 in Korea with a total of 775 Creative Ranking Points over the past 2 years. The duo performed impressively at the 2018 award shows, picking up 500 of their points over the past 12 months. They were also ranked equal #1 in last year’s Campaign Brief Asia Korea Creative Rankings.

At #3 with 620 points in the Campaign Brief Asia Creative Rankings is Cheil Worldwide’s Taeyul Ko. Ko was also ranked equal #1 last year.

Retaining the #4 placed ranking in Korea with 370 points is Jung-seok Lee from Serviceplan Korea.

At equal #5 in the market is three Innocean Worldwide creatives who have moved up from the #28 placed ranking last year. Junkyu Lee, Sang-kwon Park and Young-ho Hwang each scored 340 Creative Ranking Points.

They are followed by 4 Innocean Worldwide colleagues – Eun-joo Park (#8), Min-Ju Go and Seung-ha Rhee (equal #9), and Summer New (#11).

The full Hottest Creatives ranking from #1 to #38 is shown below.

The results of the 2018 Campaign Brief Asia Creative Rankings are tabulated from creative award wins over a rolling two year period. The shows that are included in these calculations are: Ad Stars 2016 + 2017; Spikes Asia 2016 +2017; AWARD Awards 2017 + 2018; AdFest 2017 + 2018; Campaign Brief’s THE WORK 2017 + 2018; Clio Awards 2016 + 2017; London International Awards 2016 + 2017; New York Festivals 2017 + 2018; One Show 2017 + 2018; D&AD 2017 + 2018; Cannes Lions 2017 + 2018.

CB Asia 2018 Rankings Cover.jpgThe full ranking of all of them plus the other 1800+ individuals ranked this year (with complete tables and all other details) will be available as a 50 page downloadable pdf. Register to receive it free here.




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