Teens get a spooky treat for Halloween with the Fanta scream machine created by Ogilvy Manila

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fanta machine in intramuros.jpgTeens in Manila found themselves freaking out over a ‘haunted vending machine’ as ROYAL – globally known as FANTA – gave them an advance spooky treat for Halloween.


The glowing faulty vending machine offering ‘Free ROYAL’ – at the heart of Intramuros in Manila – was an interesting invitation to several group of friends who were exploring the area. With the simple request of screaming at the top of your lungs (to a satisfactory volume), friends were able to get their reward and a special treat – a gooey, icky, rubbery hand grabbing their hand and their ROYAL (Fanta).

“Fanta (locally known as Royal) is a playful brand that connects and unleashes teens’ imagination and playful ideas,” said Pratik Thakar, The Coca-Cola Company Asia’s Integrated Marketing Communication Director.


Janina Vela - teen influencer.jpgscary hand vendo.jpgHe added, “Halloween is the perfect occasion to create a seamless Integrated Brand Experience that will instantly link the values of Fanta with the festive context of the occasion, as well as teen relevance. Thus, the Scream Machine was born.”


ROYAL has always been about celebrating playful fun. This Halloween was a perfect time to bring friends together and get them to be playful through some pretty-intense and fun screaming exercise and a bottle of ROYAL.


And just when you thought you’ve screamed the loudest, the #ScreamForRoyal machine was able to get more out of everyone. Save the best scream for last!

The Scream Machine is a product of the Coca-Cola South East Asia Social Experience Lab, which specializes in content creation based on Fast-On-Your-Feet brand experiences like: Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore and Pride Day in Manila.

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