INNORED introduces the super air down drone attack for The North Face Korea

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Air Down attack.jpgCase Study: 2018 Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics marked ‘long down (Jacket)’ as Korea’s winter fashion trend. The North Face took the consumers’ voice, which spoke about the inconvenience of the heaviness of these jackets, into account and launched a lighter, yet equally warm, ‘Super Air Down’ product. The North Face Korea and creative agency INNORED planned this campaign for this upcoming winter in order to deliver less-than-1kg ‘lightness’ quality in a fun and exciting way.

Super Air Down Drone Attack!

In order to allow consumers to tangibly feel and experience the lightness of the Super Air Down, which would otherwise be known only by trying it on, we integrated ‘drone’ that flies in the air while carrying light substances. (Because the actual The North Face’s Super Air Down is less than 1kg, there was no problem with the actual execution of flying it on a drone.)

Air Drone.jpgAir Down3.jpgAir Down 2.jpgThe picturesque scenery of Super Air Down flying on a drone at the Seoul Han River Park opens the campaign. The Super Air Down flies closer to the people having leisure time at the Han River as if it is teasing them to catch it. When the people see the Super Air Down, they run and jump, trying their best to catch the down. The people experience the thrill and fun when they finally catch the Super Air Down and try them on at the spot.

From this interesting consumer experience, we were able to deliver the message that it is a ‘lightest long down’. For the potential consumers, we were also able to provide an opportunity for a new adventure in their everyday lives.


‘Super Air Down Drone Attack’ campaign has been receiving high interactions on YouTube and Facebook Page the moment the campaign went live. Consumers expressed strong curiosity and desire to experience it themselves as they viewed the exciting and surreal campaign story.

In the first week of the campaign, it recorded 10M+ YouTube Views, 20M+ Views on YouTube and Facebook, leading to exponential growth of organic shares. Furthermore, within less than a week of the campaign, the main product – grey down jacket ran out of stock, topping the record-breaking sales of 10B+ Won.

For a long time, The North Face campaigns provided original and thrilling stimulus to the consumers living repetitive everyday lives. We anticipate that such an effort will allow the brand to continue to be on everyone’s lips and provide positive interactions.

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