Dentsu Webchutney India and Swiggy launch the Voice of Hunger Challenge for foodies

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SWIGGY2.jpgWe always hear our stomachs grumbling when we’re hungry, but have you ever wondered if your food has a sound? Studies suggest that the crunch of a chip, the sizzle of the roasting chicken or whistle of the pressure cooker help add flavor to your food. If you are a passionate foodie, Swiggy has the most amazing surprise planned for you. India’s largest food delivery platform unveiled the Voice of Hunger challenge for all Instagram users. Read below on how this happened-


Step 1: A few months ago, Instagram launched the Voice Note feature on their Direct Message Inbox.


Step 2: Swiggy and Dentsu Webchutney found some of these wave forms can resemble actual shapes of food… if you make the right noises!


Step 3: Swiggy’s Voice of Hunger- possibly the craziest challenge on Instagram was born.


The campaign will constitute 5 challenges- recreating the shape of a Kebab Skewer, a Nacho, Pancakes and many more. Whoever completes all 5 stands a chance to win a year’s worth of food vouchers from India’s largest food delivery platform, Swiggy. This is apart from daily prizes for each challenge. Day 1 of the Challenge was a Kebab Skewer, which garnered close to 10,000 entries with voice notes, and the brand’s follower count is already up by 2,000 courtesy the challenge.


Swiggy.jpgAshish Lingamneni, AVP Marketing at Swiggy said – “There are very few things for a marketer that match the thrill of a properly executed UGC campaign. We’re hoping this hits the right chords, literally. By innovating with the voice note feature on Instagram, we’re excited to offer our audience a creative way of interacting with Swiggy and expressing their love for food, winning a year’s worth of food vouchers in the process.”


PG Aditya, Executive Creative Director at Dentsu Webchutney managed to squeeze in a couple of words: “This is by far the wackiest use of Instagram yet. Watching adults blabbering gibberish all day on voice notes has been nothing but a blast. The first 12 hours of the challenge saw close to 10,000 entries. We like our inboxes like we like our excitement: overflowing.”


Voice of Hunger will continue raising the stakes with the food being asked to create with the voice note waveform getting difficult every day. Now, that’s something to look forward to! So far, #SwiggyVoiceOfHunger has seen participation from social media influencers like Rohan Joshi, Srishti Bansal and TheFilmyKudi with several surprises planned around the challenge.


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