Bonsey Jaden + Cetaphil Thailand use the power of storytelling for women to have more self-love

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Cetaphil.jpgBonsey Jaden continues to channel its creative efforts behind one of the most important women empowerment trends of our time–self-love, with the launch of its new campaign for Cetaphil in Thailand.  The agency’s current effort, “Keep only what matters. Lose the rest.” supports the challenges faced by every modern woman in today’s world.

In response to women empowerment especially over the last few years, we have seen a significant increase of women rising to the occasion and being forced to be reckoned with. These individuals are able to handle more responsibilities and give priority to what is important and surrounding them, but themselves. Through a provocative and genuine storytelling, the 2.35-minute-long video makes every woman realise their priorities – themselves.

Cetaphil2.jpgCetaphil3.jpg“The strategic-thinking to the narrative was focused on assisting Cetaphil to break through Thailand’s saturated ‘beauty clutter’ – where consumers are exposed to beauty and skincare products that boasts new active ingredients and product innovations on a daily basis. By injecting ‘real-life’ impurities within the videos, Cetaphil is able to emphasise ‘Keep only what matters. Lose the rest.’ which translates to the brand’s believe that hydration is the key to a healthy skin.” shared Kanokwan Kaewwanich, Creative Director, Bonsey Jaden Thailand.

“Having been digital partners with Cetaphil for over 5 years in Thailand and the region, we are not just a digital agency, we are solution partners. If it means we need to transform the brand from a functional approach to an emotional one, we will do the necessary research to ensure that the transition is smooth and does not dilute the brand DNA in any way. Through this campaign, we are aiming to build stronger brand resonance and reach out to a wider audience pool,” said Siriwan Siriwangsanti, Group Business Director, Bonsey Jaden Thailand.

“This is a very exciting campaign for us as we are able to further showcase our deep understanding of the local market and brand through our team in Bonsey Jaden Thailand and across the entire business. This approach further stamps our commitment in developing more creative digital campaigns for Cetaphil as well as other brands alike.” said Daniel Posavac, CEO of Bonsey Jaden.  

The video to date has garnered a total of 2million views across Facebook and Youtube.  

Credits –

Creative Director: Kanokwan Kaewwanich

Copywriter: Supreya Sansupa

Art Director/Digital Designer: Kannika Samkasat

Group Business Director/Strategic Planner: Siriwan Siriwangsanti

Client Manager: Athitaya Kachornvitaya

Client Executive: Warayut Silaparatsamee

Production Company: Suneta House

Film Director: Teerapol Suneta