Ogilvy + Bournvita for Women urge women not to forget themselves in a super market surprise

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Bournvita.jpgWomen are natural nurturers and when it comes to care, their first instinct is to put their family and friends before themselves. In a country like India, decades of social conditioning have played a role in how women give little or no importance to their own health.

Bournvita for Women, a product launched in 2018, is designed specially to fulfill the nutritional needs of women. On International Women’s day, when the world is wishing and celebrating women, the brand wanted to give a sharp nudge to women so that they realize that as they are stepping out of their homes and evolving in their professional and personal roles, they also need to give equal importance to their health and nutrition. When looking for inspiration, we realized that the most basic evidence of lack of self-care lies in the one thing that women love to do – shopping. In a household’s monthly shopping cart, unless there is a problem they are solving, there is very little that is especially bought for women’s health. On the other hand, she might buy special nutrition products for her children, parents, grand-parents and/or husband. Thus, came about the idea of doing a social experiment with the key message being #dontforgetyourself.

Bournvita2.jpgBournvita3.jpgInderpreet Singh, Associate Director, Marketing (Gum, Candy and Powdered Beverages), Mondelez India said, “Bournvita has been partnering mothers and successfully championing Health & Nutrition for children for the last 70 years in India. However, what we see in society today is that while most women do a wonderful job of taking care of their family’s health they seldom take care of their own health.  On the occasion of Women’s Day, Bournvita for Women wants to urge all the women of this beautiful nation to start taking care of their health. Women are the backbone on which our families, our communities and our larger society rests. And unless they feel healthy and strong no family, community or nation can be strong.”


Akshay Seth, Senior Creative Director, Ogilvy West said, “Most Indian women tend to put their family before themselves. And this choice is even reflected in their monthly grocery carts, where the nutrition and needs of others takes precedence. With #dontforgetyourself social experiment on Women’s Day, Bournvita for Women aims to give an emotional tug to women to not ignore their nutrition.”

Kanika Sethi, Creative Director, Ogilvy West said, “Women in India often put their family’s needs first and hence tend to ignore their own health. So, Women’s Day was the perfect occasion for Bournvita to remind women to take care of themselves and not ignore their nutrition.”

Credits –

Vice Chairman & Group Chief Creative Officer: Sonal Dabral

Chief Creative Officers: Harshad Rajadhyaksha, Kainaz Karmakar and Sukesh Nayak

Creative Team: Akshay Seth and Kanika Sethi

Account Management: Prakash Nair, Mayuri Shukla, Nikita Agarwal, Pooja Jhawar

Strategy Planning: Russell John and Atreyi Nag

Production House: Corcoise Films   

Director: Neha Kaul

Client Team: Inderpreet Singh, Anaswar Rajagopal, Pratik Shetty, Smriti Agarwal and Divya Paluri


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