Women are capable of more as shown in Franklin Templeton’s campaign via Mirum India

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Mirum.jpgThe book isn’t being judged by its cover anymore but rather by its content today. Women are breaking the glass ceiling in all major sectors but somehow are still hesitant when it comes to making financial investments on their own.


With this insight, Franklin Templeton’s Women’s Day campaign this year, themed under the #InvestForProgress umbrella, is 2-fold. While it gives an ode to these strong, resilient and ambitious women who strive for greatness, it also encourages them to break one more barrier and become financially independent. The campaign film showcases 5 extraordinary women from different walks of life who chose to break stereotypes and thereby showcase that women are capable of more than what their appearance makes you believe.

Juzer Tambawalla, Director and Head – Marketing, Franklin Templeton India, said, “Gender doesn’t define one’s capabilities, in life or in making investment decisions. The video encourages women to take charge of their finances and be truly independent.”


Mirum2.jpgMirum3.jpgGeetanjali Sachwani, AVP – Marketing, Franklin Templeton India, said, “This time we not only wanted to do something better than last year…but also shorter than last year. While we have 5 different stories weaved into 1 master film, we have especially created sub 1-minute cuts of each of these 5 stories for our digital and social media platforms. Going forward, we see this as a growing trend”


The campaign is spearheaded by Mumbai based Digital Agency – Mirum. Naila Patel, Exec. Creative Director, Mirum said, “Most communication around Women’s Day encourages women to make an equal place for themselves. They have learnt to win, to rule, to earn, but take a pause before investing their own money. And that is what our film addresses. Independence will remain incomplete without this final step.”



Franklin Templeton Marketing Team:

Juzer Tambawalla – Head, Marketing

Geetanjali Sachwani – AVP, Marketing

Kunal Wanvari – Assistant Marketing Manager

Mirum Team: Campaign Head: Naila Patel (Exec Creative Director)

Planning and Servicing: Gaurav Kalwani (Group Head – Communications), Kaustubh Shetye (Account Manager) and Heer Meisheri (Project Supervisor)

Creative Team: Kishor Shembekar (Creative Director), Priyanka Chavan (Sr. Art Director) and Rohan Ian (Sr. Copywriter)

Media planning and Buying: Joy Das (GM) and Gitika Polen (Sr. Executive)


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