TBWA\Indonesia establishes Disruption Consulting: Henry Manampiring to lead the unit

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Disruption_Consulting_Logo copy.jpgTBWA\Indonesia has launched Disruption Consulting, a new specialist unit which leverages TBWA’s Disruption methodology to solve commercial problems and drive growth for clients.

Marketing strategist, Henry Manampiring, has been appointed to lead the new offering in addition to his role as head of strategic planning at TBWA\Indonesia. He has over 20 years’ experience in market research and advertising, having worked at companies including Ogilvy, Facebook, Leo Burnett, Millward-Brown, Edelman, JWT, Lowe, and Coca Cola.

“Both established brands and start-ups alike, are these days facing myriad challenges – from being stranded by newer avenues of growth, to getting stuck in a chasm, or even being held back with consumer acquisition having overexposed the brand without a strong conviction,” said Manampiring. “Disruption Consulting is a house of processes and skillsets, that are designed to accelerate businesses past market challenges.”

“Disruption has been TBWA’s ‘software’ for the past two decades, and has helped create some of the world’s most iconic advertising,” said Soum Banerjee, CEO at TBWA\Indonesia. “As we’ve continued to update this software for an ever-evolving consumer landscape, our emphasis on data and consumer insights now allows us to move further upstream and utilize Disruption to solve business problems – and we’re delighted to have Henry onboard to lead this new offering.”

A specialist in consumer insights, Manampiring has developed brand communication strategies for clients across a range of industries including FMCG, Technology, Telco and Banking. He has also conducted numerous studies on advertising effectiveness, product concept and  development, and consumer segmentation.

“The use of consumer insights should not be limited to brand marketing. They can provide opportunities to innovate in range of business functions, from product development to customer experience and activation,” added Manampiring. I’m excited to utilize TBWA’s unique methodology to uncover emerging behaviors and formulate ideas that drive business growth for both large corporations and burgeoning startups.”

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