Seen+Noted: #Freethefeed

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Seen+Noted: #Freethefeed

In the early hours of Mother’s Day, five giant inflatable breasts came into view across London’s skyline as part of a statement making campaign to fight the stigma around breastfeeding and pumping in public.


Launched by Mother London for Elvie the five boobs vary in size, with the smallest standing at 3m and the largest at 6m tall. They are designed to represent a diverse range of women and each one has been positioned at a key location around the city, which are in in support of the social movement around breastfeeding. These including Grind Shoreditch, in the heart of Old Street, Village Underground alongside their iconic tube carriages, Neutral on Columbia Road, Ely’s Yard and Huntington Estate in east London.

The UK has one of the lowest rates of breastfeeding in Europe. Almost half (45%) of UK mothers say that everyday life situations, such as office meetings, prevent them from breastfeeding or pumping due to common perceptions of nudity in public. #FreeTheFeed aims to empower women to feel safe and comfortable breastfeeding or pumping anytime, anywhere and encourage the British public to support them.


Seen+Noted: #Freethefeed Seen+Noted: #Freethefeed