Seen+Noted: #UnravelHate campaign unravels MAGA cap letter-by-letter

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Seen+Noted: #UnravelHate campaign unravels MAGA cap letter-by-letter

Clothing brand Peace Collective unraveled the Make America Great Again hat letter-by-letter and stitch-by-stitch.


A new campaign for Toronto-based clothing brand Peace Collective, unravels the negative symbolism of the MAGA hat and transforms it into a symbol of acceptance. The four words emblazoned in white across a red baseball cap have become an iconic symbol in politics since they first appeared in late 2016. What began as a campaign slogan is now difficult to separate from increasingly anti-immigrant and anti-minority views and policies. The hat has grown to become a representation of the divisive and combative political climate appearing worldwide.

The MAGA hat inspired a new awareness campaign from Zulu Alpha Kilo Canada called #UnravelHate, for Toronto-based apparel brand Peace Collective.


The thread of the MAGA hat created a new symbol – a red toque with white lettering that reads, “Welcome to Canada.” In an online video, five different Canadians tell their unique stories about how they immigrated to the country and react to both the MAGA hat and the newly created toque. Among the participants are Aorwa, a Syrian refugee who fled the Syrian Civil War; Cori, an LGBT American who now resides in Canada; and Victor, an immigrant from Uganda.


Seen+Noted: #UnravelHate campaign unravels MAGA cap letter-by-letter

“We have an opportunity to tell the world that acceptance is stronger than hate, so the idea was to take a symbol of division and completely transform it,” says Roman Hessary, co-founder at Peace Collective. “This is a campaign that’s grounded in Canadian values – diversity is our strength. Canada is a cultural mosaic and we believe that all people, no matter their identity, are welcome here.”