DDB Hong Kong and GNC launch new campaign showing health supplements in a new light

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DDB Hong Kong and GNC launch new campaign showing health supplements in a new light

GNC, one of the leading health supplement brands in Hong Kong, has put itself back in the spotlight with a campaign designed to shift perceptions about personal wellness.


More than 3 years after its last thematic communication campaign, the brand has embarked on a new strategic direction to tap into the potential of a health supplements market that is at once overcrowded and underdeveloped.

Despite a growing trend towards a healthier way of life and the proliferation of health supplement brands on the market, Hong Kong is unique among Asian cities in that only 27% of its consumers have a habit of taking health supplements regularly, a much lower percentage than those of its neighbours.

GNC’s objective is to grow the brand by growing the category, with a campaign that emotionally engages the other 73% of consumers who either don’t take health supplements at all or only do so on a need basis rather than as a conscious lifestyle choice.

To do that, GNC repositioned itself as a knowledgeable but relatable health coach who is always there for consumers, empowering them to put their health above other priorities.



DDB Hong Kong and GNC launch new campaign showing health supplements in a new light DDB Hong Kong and GNC launch new campaign showing health supplements in a new light

In a rare departure from the standard industry practice of deploying celebrity spokespersons to amplify functional, product-based messages, the campaign adopts a thematic approach that evolves the role of GNC products in the lives of Hong Kong’s urbanites: from ad hoc health solutions to essential, regular ingredients of a healthy lifestyle.

The TVC is a love story that depicts a young woman caught up in the hectic schedule of her career, whose daily rhythm has fallen out of sync with that of her healthy-living partner. In the end, she is inspired by her companion’s quiet, caring presence to start taking GNC health supplements as the way back to a balanced, wholesome lifestyle. The message: in the pursuit of love, life and happiness, a little motivation goes a long way.

With this creative idea, the campaign takes a fresh look at healthy living through the lens of personal relationships; the involving, many-layered execution highlights the importance of cultivating your relationship with that special person by your side, with your body, with all that is important in your life, and with health supplements as a partner in the maintenance of overall wellbeing.

Pamela Wong, Director of GNC Hong Kong & Macau, said, “Strategically, we wanted to encourage time-starved consumers to balance professional and physical wellbeing through a long-term relationship with GNC, a brand they can trust to help safeguard their health and add to the quality of life they enjoy. Just like a life partner who is right for you, a regular health supplement consumption habit is worth making an effort to hold on to.”

This story was extended to Print ads, In-store POP displays, Outdoor TV, Digital and TVC tag-ons, with witty headlines that express both the loving sentiments and the product benefits.

According to Keith Ho, Managing Director and Chief Creative Officer of DDB HK, the agency behind the campaign, “The idea was to give urbanites a spark with a story they can see themselves in, to persuade them to overcome their inertia and hit the restart button. We’re saying to them, “Unpack your busy schedule, leave some room for a better, healthier you. You’ve got the support to take that important first step.”

Credits –
Keith Ho, Managing Director and Chief Creative Officer
Irene Tsui, Managing Director
Almon Lam, Executive Creative Director
Noc Choi, Growth Director
Creative Team: Christine Lai, Cola Chan, Hoon Leung, Chris Cheuk
Account Management Team: Gloria Fung, Regen Lee
TV Production: Annie Tong, Chau Kam Chuen
Studio, Visualizers & Computer Artists: B Ng, Cheng King Kong, John Chan, Nelson Fung
Production House: Seven Three One Limited
Director: Lik Ho
Post Production House: Touches/ Digit Digit
Editor: Holly Ho
Music House: Click Music
Composer: Choi Chi Ho
Pamela Wong, Director, GNC
Winnie Ko, Head of Business Development & Marketing, GNC
Vani Lam, Marketing Manager, Sales and Marketing, GNC
Frances Fu, Assistant Marketing Manager, Sales and Marketing, GNC