Cannes Contenders: FCB New Zealand

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How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges…

Ministry of Education: Oat the Goat
FCB New Zealand, Assembly
New Zealand has the second worst rate of schoolyard bullying in the OECD. The Ministry of Education needed to stop this growing problem. But unlike past campaigns that have tried to make victims more resilient, we shifted our focus on the bystanders; because attention is like oxygen for bullies – ignore them, and they lose all power. To reach children with this vital message, ‘Oat the Goat’ was created. An interactive tale – accompanied by an original, 78-piece orchestral score – that let children help bystander Oat decide what to do when confronted with bullying. By giving children the freedom to make the wrong decisions in Oat’s world, they could learn to make the right decisions in the real one.

Ministry of Social Development/Office for Seniors: Undercover Crosswords
FCB New Zealand
Shockingly, elder abuse is rampant in New Zealand, with over 70,000 being abused each year. What’s worse, over 75% of abusers are their own family members. The Office for Seniors needed to educate elderly on what isn’t ok and urge victims to seek help via their new helpline – all without abusers catching wind. So, with New Zealand’s top national and regional newspapers, 3.6 million Undercover Crosswords were launched. At first glance, they appeared like ordinary newspaper crosswords – something most elderly pore over every day. But each daily crossword had one special clue, defining a type of mistreatment elderly face. For two weeks, all clues led to the same answer: abuse, followed by the helpline.

Health Promotion Agency: Don’t Know Don’t Drink
FCB New Zealand
Every year in New Zealand, around 3,000 babies are born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. And millennials are most at risk – often drinking while unaware they’re pregnant. With 40% of NZ pregnancies unplanned, and the majority of those deciding to keep the baby rather than abort, the Health Promotion Agency needed 18-30 year-olds to avoid alcohol if there was even the slightest chance of pregnancy. Problem is, if the HPA told girls not to drink, they’d tell them to get f**ked. They would listen to their best mates though. So, the HPA got girls stopping their potentially pregnant friends from drinking, for them, with the Pre-Testie Bestie; an anti-booze wing woman if you will, brought to life through an online series. While exaggerated for comedic effect, each episode inspired girls to fill this new role and showed them how to keep friends off the booze til they got that preggo news.

We are inviting agencies to showcase your agency’s best chances at Cannes this year. Open to all Asian based agencies entering Cannes this year. Just email with a paragraph or two on each of your best chances at this year’s festival. Include a link to the case study/TVC or supply jpegs if it is print.