Cannes Contenders: DDB New Zealand

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How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges…

KiwiRail: Coastal Pacific – A new New Zealand
DDB New Zealand
The Kaikoura earthquake was the most reported natural disaster in New Zealand history. When KiwiRail reopened the train line we had to draw people back to a region they thought was destroyed. So we turned a news disaster, into a new destination. We took the original news quotes which had described the destruction and paired them with images of stunning features created by the quake, running the campaign in the same newspapers the quotes had appeared in. The journalists who wrote the original quotes were then invited on the first train journey to see how their words were helping the region.

Lifewise: The House of Cars
DDB New Zealand
Over 40% of Auckland’s homeless live in cars. They’re the ones we don’t see, or help. To put people in their shoes, Lifewise created the House of Cars, bringing attention to their programme of renting homes for those in need, while taking on all the risks of landlords.

Inside people could experience the claustrophobia and discomfort of sleeping in a car, in an immersive experience recreated online.

150,000 viewed the structure in the flesh. There was a 400% increase in enquiries from homeowners.

And most importantly, it’s created the opportunity to house up to 100 individuals and families.

Lifeline: The 72 Club
DDB New Zealand
In 2018 New Zealand’s suicide rate was at its worst, with the highest youth suicide rate in the world. Yet our national crisis helpline, Lifeline, was missing a quarter of its calls due to a funding shortage.

The 27 Club is made up of some of the world’s most revered musicians, who all tragically died at just 27 years old. To gain donations for Lifeline we took The 27 Club and turned it on its head, by using their songs to create a new club. The 72 Club.

The 72 Club’s first single, Janis Joplin’s ‘Piece of My Heart’ was performed by well-known older NZ musicians and released on radio stations, Spotify and iTunes and as a music video online. The 72 Club became Lifeline’s most successful fundraising campaign ever, gaining a 400% increase in donations so they can now answer every phone call and help more New Zealanders live to be old.

We are inviting agencies to showcase your agency’s best chances at Cannes this year. Open to all Asian based agencies entering Cannes this year. Just email with a paragraph or two on each of your best chances at this year’s festival. Include a link to the case study/TVC or supply jpegs if it is print.