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How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges…


Sound Waves Christmas Tree
Taiwan World Vision 113 Protection line
Wunderman Thompson Taipei

In Taiwan, a child is abused every 10 minutes. The death toll is rising every year, from 127 children in 2016 to 155 children in 2018. Especially during Christmas holidays, child abuse cases happen much more frequently. As parents spend more time with their children over the holidays, it becomes easier for them to lose patience and become abusive. We found that if we could intervene immediately, we can prevent more tragedies. This can also highlight that 113 protection call is very important.

Wunderman Thompson Taipei created a Sound waves Christmas tree, it collected the sound waves of abused children and transformed them into a unique Christmas tree. Then, they installed the Christmas tree at the Taipei Main Station which is filled with people heading home for the holidays, attracting people to take a picture. When you take a photo of the Christmas tree, you see a different kind of tree the soundwave of abused children calling for help.


Battle of the Queens
Kleenex VIVA
Wunderman Thompson Taipei

In Taiwan, paper towel buyers are mainly married women. The tension between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law exist in more than 90% of Chinese families and even get worse during Chinese New Year. To release the stress, they like to watch Chinese palace-themed drama in their free time.

Therefore, Kleenex VIVA paper towel invited the most powerful pair of in-laws – the Queen Mother and the Queen, adapting a popular Chinese palace-themed drama to demonstrate the product’s durability and high water and oil absorbency. Three humorous plots were created to resolve crisis situations at the New Year’s Eve dinner, showing the world that to solve the centuries old problem of in-law relationships, all you need is a Kleenex VIVA paper towel.

With 0 media budget, the video reached over 10M views in China, 1.09M views in Thailand, 1.4M in Hong Kong and became No.1 trending video on YouTube. It generated a lot of in-law-issue discussion on social media. In the end, sales reached 135% during New Year compared to last year.

We are inviting agencies to showcase your agency’s best chances at Cannes this year. Open to all Asian based agencies entering Cannes this year. Just email with a paragraph or two on each of your best chances at this year’s festival. Include a link to the case study/TVC or supply jpegs if it is print.