Cannes Contenders: Edelman Singapore

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How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges…


Cannes Contenders: Edelman Singapore

Help Children See
Johnson & Johnson Vision (Acuvue)

Parents invest a lot in their kids…starting from the day they started thinking of their names. In China, the names parents give their children are more than words with meanings; they are dreams and aspirations to live up to. Names embody a parent’s best hopes and wishes for their child’s future. For example, naming a child Wang Si Yuan means she could one day be a ‘Visionary’; and naming a child Cheng Wei, means a parent hopes he will ‘Become Great’. However, how children live up to their name can be largely determine by how well they see… because 80% of what children learn is through their eyes. What use is all the studying, when poor eye health can prevent kids from achieving their potential?

Myopia is a serious eye condition that can lead to glaucoma if not addressed early enough. In China, it has reached epidemic proportions with 700 million people (which is approximately 50+% of the country’s population) predicted to have myopia by 2020. What’s worse, the onset is getting younger and younger. “Help children live up to the potential of their name.” Leveraging on the cultural insight that Chinese parents attach hopes and aspirations of desired futures encapsulated in the names of their children, the campaign begin with a web film that explored the story of a young boy as he tries to live up to the vision behind his name while struggling with poor eyesight.

The film led viewers to several digital channels such as WeChat, QQ music, T-mall to drive awareness and action (donate to the cause (including the Sight for Kids schooled-based vision screening partnership), take children for eye health screening). In-store posters with a #HelpChildrenSee call-to-action. The campaign follow up with a series of tangible children’s books for both young and old to learn and share in schools, libraries and at home. Creating an ecosystem for action.

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