Asheen Naidu’s Cannes Diary #1

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Asheen Naidu’s Cannes Diary #1

Asheen Naidu, executive creative director at BWM Dentsu and one of the creators of Project Revoice is on the Cannes Industry Craft Lions. Here Naidu writes exclusively for Campaign Brief.


With only a handful of judges here, and the advertising masses arriving early next week, it almost feels like the advertising community has signed a “Palau Pledge” not to trash this small seaside town.

Everyone has been very well behaved. No discarded rose’ bottles on the beach. No local kids having to bear witness to drunken advertising folk peeing on the sides of their buildings. But while there’s no human pee on the walls, there’s a ton of dog poo on the streets. Shitloads of shit. It’s weird. I had the good fortune of stepping into 2 last night, which means the only footprint I shall leave on Cannes will not wash away easily.

On an advertising note I was reminded of the great craft of Palau Pledge when we started day 1 of judging Industry Craft today. There was some lovely work in the mix, but looking at 700 pieces today made me think the advertising community should take another pledge: Don’t waste your time and money entering just anything. The standard is high. Very high.

Until Monday then, when most of the advertising masses do arrive. And Palau Pledge will no doubt turn into Dumb ways to Die.