Pond’s urges women to overcome their inner hesitations and #SeeWhatHappens

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Pond’s urges women to overcome their inner hesitations and #SeeWhatHappens

Pond’s has launched an impactful campaign with the aim of bringing the issue of inner voices into the spotlight – and into mainstream media – enabling women to understand how common place inner voices are, and help them overcome the internal barriers these present.


The new #SeeWhatHappens campaign aims to encourage women to begin lifting internal barriers from years of social conditioning by simply trying to overcome their inner hesitations.

This new campaign runs across four key markets – India, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia.

To launch it Ponds unveils a new film ‘The Boxer’, across all digital platforms. This film, developed by Ogilvy India and Singapore, is a heartwarming, sensitive story of a young Indian girl, pursuing her passion in boxing. She deals with the dilemma of revealing this decision to her mother as her inner voice hold her back, creating a struggle between what she wants to do and what she thinks is expected of her. The film features local talent Khushi Joshi, who plays the role of the hero character, Mandeep and Iravati Harshe, who plays her mother.



Pond’s urges women to overcome their inner hesitations and #SeeWhatHappens

Prabha Narasimhan, Vice President, Skincare and Colours, Hindustan Unilever Ltd said: “Pond’s is an iconic brand in India with great heritage and equity. It gives us great pride to give it a new take that encourages women to never hold back and ‘See What Happens’. With the power of social media, we hope to ignite conversations just like the film. Women still feel held back by their inner voices and we want to encourage them to share their stories. This is exactly what ‘See What Happens’ is all about.”

Kainaz Karmakar and Harshad Rajashyaksha, Chief Creative Officers, Ogilvy India (West), said: “We are really excited about launching the new world of Pond’s. It’s a world that is asking young girls to go ahead and say what is on their minds and do what is in their hearts. Society is ready for their bold moves. The time has come to go ahead and #SeeWhatHappens. The story that launches this belief is about a young girl who has the strength to take on the blows of boxing, and yet she has not gathered the strength to break the news to her mom. Bob (Shashanka Chaturvedi) has done a great job of translating the story into a powerful film.”

Pond’s hopes to ignite a conversation amongst women across generations on how and when they’ve experienced inner voices, how they were successful in overcoming them. All in an effort to inspire and encourage others who have held back so far. #SeeWhatHappens pushes gentle a change – not in the world outside but the world within a woman’s heart and mind, unlocking the possibilities within her.

Client: Hindustan Unilever
Brand: Pond’s
Agency: Ogilvy India and Singapore
Chief Creative Officers, Ogilvy India (West): Kainaz Karmakar, Harshad Rajadhyaksha
Co-Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy Singapore: Nicolas Courant
Worldwide Managing Director, Unilever Asia: David Dahan
Chief Client Officer: Hephzibah Pathak
Account Management: Matthew Leem, Chitralekha Chetia, Nisha Bhatia, Sarah-Cate Agnew
Planning: Veruschka Menon, Sumegha Rao
Production House: Good Morning Films
Director: Bob (Shashanka Chaturvedi)
Executive Producer: Vikram Kalra
Producer: Robin D’Cruz

Pond’s urges women to overcome their inner hesitations and #SeeWhatHappens