Hakuhodo Japan revamps its visual identity to reflect the network’s role going forward

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Hakuhodo Japan revamps its visual identity to reflect the network’s role going forward

Hakuhodo Inc Japan has unveiled a new visual identity (VI) and will begin rolling it out across the Hakuhodo Group.


The digitalization and increasing use of the IoT in society is accelerating thanks to dramatic advances in technology. In the years to come, household appliances, cars, homes, cities, and other touchpoints in the lives of sei-katsu-sha will become interfaces for services, and all interfaces will connect with each other across industry boundaries. Companies will see their touchpoints with sei-katsu-sha become unlimited and the possibilities for connecting with them interactively will expand

Hakuhodo believes they are seeing the advent of the Sei-katsu-sha Interface Market, where new social structures and new markets will appear.

To play a pivotal role in the Sei-katsu-sha Interface Market, Hakuhodo believes that idea generation creativity and idea implementation creativity will be needed. Hakuhodo is undergoing a transformation.

They will evolve into a company that uses the creativity they have honed over many years to explore the kinds of experiential value we should provide sei-katsu-sha and how to implement them together with all kinds of companies and partners.

Hakuhodo has radically changed their VI to broadly convey internally and externally this Hakuhodo Group mission to provide new value.

The symbol of the new VI is “The Central Dot.” These dots represent Hakuhodo’s roles going forward.

The first is a starting point. Hakuhodo is a collective of eclectic personalities. Each of their employees serve as the start of something as they think, move and take on challenges independently to create new focal points in lifestyles and society.

The second is a connection point. Hakuhodo will link themselves to various social issues and topics for the future, acting as a hub connecting companies, startups, technologies, content holders, local authorities, NPOs and other players to implement new structures in society.