Seen+Noted: Procter & Gamble sparks conversations on racial bias and inequality with ‘The Look’

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Seen+Noted: Procter & Gamble sparks conversations on racial bias and inequality with ‘The Look’

Procter & Gamble and Saturday Morning have teamed up to get the conversation started, so that we can all see beyond ‘The Look.’ The spot continues the conversation from Procter & Gamble’s Emmy Award-winning film “The Talk”.


The new film is designed to spark reflection and conversation on racial bias and inequality. The film highlights bias as experienced by many Black men in America.

“The Look” follows a Black man throughout his day as he encounters a variety of ‘looks’ that symbolize a barrier to acceptance. In the film, the windows of a passing car are raised after his son waves to a young girl in the back seat, occupants of an elevator seem to shut him out as he approaches and workers in a department store watch him with suspicion as he shops. For each scene, historical records and contemporary stories are provided at to spark discussion and understanding on how these small ‘looks’, whether intentional or not, can have a potentially bigger impact. The film ends with the line ‘Let’s talk about the look so we can see beyond it.’


“We want to live in a world that is equal and inclusive – in race, gender, ethnicity, sexual identity, ability, religion and age – but the reality is, it’s not fully equal or inclusive and one of the core reasons is bias,” said Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, Procter & Gamble. “Empathy can be a particularly effective antidote to bias, and we created ‘The Look’ to change perspectives, prompt personal introspection, and bring people together for a conversation to ultimately change hearts and minds.”

“We believe we have a responsibility to use our voice in advertising as a force for good by addressing issues like bias. As it has already done for so many who have seen ‘The Look’, we hope this film leads to constructive conversation, understanding and positive action,” Pritchard added.

The film and website were produced in collaboration with SATURDAY MORNING, a creative collective founded by executives in the advertising industry who came together to create ideas that bring awareness to and shift perceptions on racial bias and injustice.

“The Look” was shot by a deliberately diverse leadership-duo, Director Anthony Mandler of Stink Films with Malik Sayeed as Director of Photography, and is launching as part of an integrated campaign at It will be followed by a series of nationwide community conversations, individual and classroom educational resources and reading guides, informative and inspirational podcasts, virtual reality extensions and ongoing digital and social media activities through the end of 2019. This program is designed to go beyond simple awareness and equip and enable individuals and communities with tools to create lasting, substantive change.

Seen+Noted: Procter & Gamble sparks conversations on racial bias and inequality with ‘The Look’