Pantarei Jakarta releases a new vision for their agency – Made of Indonesia

Pantarei Jakarta releases a new vision for their agency – Made of Indonesia

Pantarei has launched a new vision for the agency, Made of Indonesia. The vision focuses on the belief that great works are made of the place where it came from.


It is designed to help the agency to formulate the most appropriate communication solutions for brands that look to make an impact, specific in the world’s 4th most populous country.

“Anyone can produce works for the Indonesian market. But building something authentic of this one of a kind country is a different story. One must have deep roots in this land and culture, to be able to understand its vast diversity in order to always speak to the heart of the Indonesians. Since day one we have been doing just that. Creating works that were made of genuine Indonesians’ insight. Our credentials speak for itself. Now by owning the point of view and making it methodical, we will put our energy solely on uncovering the truest of Indonesia and offer that as the main ingredient for our solutions. That is the only way to create impact,” said Michael Sudarto, Pantarei’s CEO.


Pantarei Jakarta releases a new vision for their agency – Made of Indonesia

“Indonesia is growing rapidly. And it is growing its own character. Internet changed many aspects of life. 4 out of 7 unicorns in the region are based here. While not everyone has access to a bank, almost anyone can make payments from their mobile phones. Indonesia’s arrival at the world stage would be different than that of any other country. And as an agency borne of this country we are just at the right position and at the right time to offer our clients original solutions created of Southeast Asia’s biggest market. Solutions that will work really well here because they are undisputedly made of the nation, made by the people who know this country inside out. No grand narrative and nothing is generalised,” added Nugroho Nurarifin, Executive Creative Director (pictured).

According to Nurarifin this is more than just a statement as Made of Indonesia will serve as the driving force of the agency. It will affect all aspects of the organization, from culture building programmes to the introduction of Pantarei’s own proprietary strategic tools. The tools will help everyone within the agency to uncover Insight of Indonesia that will be the central foundation of the creative idea, Idea of Indonesia.