Coway launches a new music video conceived by Grey Malaysia

Coway launches a new music video conceived by Grey Malaysia

CODYNATION, a new campaign by Grey Malaysia, marks a significant landmark for Korean brand Coway: a Korean-pop inspired music video with all-Malaysian talents.


Made in collaboration with production company Directors Think Tank, CODYNATION was created to educate the Malaysian public on the superior after-sales service provided by the Cody (Coway Lady) team: an army of 5,000 personnel trained by Coway to deliver both excellent technical service and customer relations.

Using the popular song ‘Nobody’ by Wonder Girls, the 4 key attributes of a Cody – SPEEDY, EXPERT, CARING and ALERT – are emphasized through the song’s catchy chorus. The rest of the lyrics were also rewritten to elaborate on these attributes. Iconic entertainer Adibah Noor takes the role of a ‘master trainer’ in the colourful video to highlight the brand’s legacy of diligent training each new Cody must undergo.


Coway launches a new music video conceived by Grey Malaysia Coway launches a new music video conceived by Grey Malaysia

Ryan Jung, head of Coway Malaysia’s Head of Communications said, “The Cody team has assisted us in growing our business and allowed us to retain our spot as market leader. This is the year we acknowledge these personnel who are often overlooked as they are most of the time behind the scenes.

He added, “We created this campaign to also mark another milestone for Coway in Malaysia as our Cody staff count has hit 5,000 this year, and still growing. This is certainly another big achievement for us as we had celebrated our mark of being in 1 million homes earlier this year. It’s a very humbling yet proud moment for all of us at Coway.”

“We were tasked with getting general Malaysians to understand the excellence in service that a Cody stands for. There are steps and standards that need to be adhered to unfailingly, to ensure the best quality is delivered. We saw these steps as a memorable song and dance – an opportunity to drive the messaging of ‘Excellence in every step’ and deliver it with a pinch of fun.

“Repopularising a great earworm by the Wonder Girls is the right choice for the brand – marrying a well-loved K-pop tune with local faces. We hope our spin on the song will get people bopping their heads and tapping their feet whether they are on their sofas, driving or walking on the streets. We’re excited with the outcome and thankful to Coway for giving us the opportunity to work on this project,” says Graham Drew, ECD of Grey Malaysia.

Credits –
Executive Creative Director: Graham Drew
Creative Director: Heng Thang Wei
Senior Copywriter: Charlene Ong
Junior Group Head: Terces Pok
Art Director: Ralve Khor
General Manager: Jo Yau
Senior Brand Director: Marcus SK
Senior Brand Executive: Kamil Zulhaidi
Producer: Suzy Chiang
Media Agency: Ampersand Advisory
Production: Directors Think Tank
Film Directors: Sling Ng, Naoto Mitake
Composers: Oliver Stutz & Adrienne Yong