Eight Hong Kong brands new hospitality group Heuie Cuiscene

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Eight Hong Kong brands new hospitality group Heuie Cuiscene

Eight has created the brand for Heuie Cuiscene, a newly established, Guangzhou-based hospitality and F&B group formed by a team of people united by a passion for food and hospitality.


Eight worked closely with the founding team to build the brand around a strategy of “Food Evangelists” – a company obsessed with spreading the love of food to both food-aficionados and the F&B industry, through the creation of world-class culinary concepts.

The company name “Heuie Cuiscene” depicts the joys of encounter, the whipping up of a vibrant scene of culinary passion and innovation, not just within the establishments the group operates, but acting as a changing force for the culinary scene in China and beyond. The logo takes inspiration from an egg, the symbol of the essential ingredient all chefs must master, with the three layers – yolk, white and shell – embodying three brand pillars that form the brand: “Passion”, “More than food” and “Do good”.

“We were most inspired by the enormous potential of the burgeoning culinary scene in China and the palpable passion exuding from our client team,” said Bjorn Fjelddahl, Partner. “It was a true collaborative effort, we brought our extensive experience in creating international luxury F&B and hospitality brands, the culinary trendsetters at Heuie Cuiscene brought their talent and enthusiasm and together we are proud to play a part in spearheading the appreciation of the art of gastronomy in China”.

Kan Chen, Executive Director and Co-founder of Heuie Cuiscene, remarked, “There is a Chinese saying for how Guangzhou is the capital of food lovers – and this is precisely why we are making the city our starting point, a place from which we will bring our love for food to the rest of China, and beyond. Eight has been a close partner whose strategic vision, deep knowledge of the hospitality sector and design expertise have been crucial in bringing our brand to life.