Malaysian Kancil 2019 Highlight: Naga DDB Tribal crowned Agency of the Year

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Malaysian Kancil 2019 Highlight: Naga DDB Tribal crowned Agency of the Year

Naga DDB Tribal took top honours when it bagged the Agency of the Year award with 2 Gold, 9 Silver, 24 Bronze and 24 Merit awards at the recent Kancil Awards 2019, Malaysia’s most celebrated creative excellence awards competition.

The monumental win was contributed by campaigns from Digi, KFC, Panasonic, Prudential, Watsons and Naga DDB Tribal.

“The win serves as a testament to the hard work and perseverance put in by many talented individuals at our agency not just this year but throughout the past 3 or 4. At our agency, it has always been a quiet ambition that we have been gearing up for rather than a hardlined or absolute objective to win awards as we believe that if we put in the work and at the same time encourage and invest in creativity to grow, then good things eventually follow. I personally am thrilled for our agency’s talent and thank each and everyone of them for the opportunity to achieve and celebrate this amazing result together!”, said Kristian Lee, CEO of Naga DDB Tribal.

Known for story-telling, Naga DDB Tribal’s recent wins for their key campaigns such as Digi ‘Footbraille’ and KFC’s ’11 Finger Lickin’ Good Goods’ campaign have strongly demonstrated capability diversification in not just digital but experience design, design innovation and brand/retail design.

Alvin Teoh, Naga DDB Tribal’s Chief Creative Officer confesssed, “I have always told the team that we should always aim to stay consistently at No. 2. I have always been more concerned with pushng the boundaries of creativity in the daily work. Some days we do well. Other days, we don’t. A title is nice, but knowing we did good daily work is better.”

“Having said that, I’m very happy for the teams. They deserve this win because they have worked hard to apply creativity that is not bound by mediums and that has proven its worth. These are good people who bleed for their beliefs and I am extremly proud of them and thankful for the clients who trusted our ideas,” Alvin added.

This next-level success comes at the back of Naga DDB Tribal’s belief in future-proofing the agency with not just data, digital and media capabilities but also a wholistic consultancy-based offering that is anchored on total customer experience design with technology expertise, behavioural science solutions with Behavioural Lab and content creation with an in-house team.

Watch the award winning work below:
Digi ‘Footbraille
KFC ’11 Finger Lickin’ Good Goods
Panasonic ‘Airdibles’:
Prudential ‘Word Count’:
Watsons ‘Happy Beautiful Year’:
Naga DDB Tribal ‘Pigxels’: