Unfortunately, Child Labour is a Gif: A Children’s day message by NGO ASBB and BBH India

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Unfortunately, Child Labour is a Gif: A Children’s day message by NGO ASBB and BBH India

On the occasion of Children’s Day, Association of Social Beyond Boundaries (ASBB), an Indian Non-Profit Organisation and BBH India issued a special message.


The campaign ‘Unfortunately, Child Labour is a Gif’ highlights the self-perpetuating nature of the issue and how education is key to breaking this cycle.

Association of Social Beyond Boundaries, an NGO working across child welfare and education, sanitation, environment, and animal welfare teamed up with BBH to build a campaign around the plight of child labour in the country.

The team at BBH and ASSB wanted to highlight how child labour is a systemic injustice depriving millions of children of opportunities to availing a decent future. Studies from the likes of child welfare organisations like Unicef reinforce the importance and primacy of education in breaking the vicious cycle of oppression and poverty, that affects their future. With education, employment opportunities are broadened and income levels are increased.

Sagar Jain, Founder, Association of Social Beyond Boundaries said, “We are delighted to collaborate with BBH India on this campaign. It is really important to bring more attention to the vicious circle of child labour and how education can be a key intervention in putting an end to it. What makes it interesting is that it speaks to the social media generation in their own language.

Russell Barrett, CCO & Managing Partner, BBH India added, “It’s always important for us, at BBH, to use our creativity for good. Child labour is one of the biggest evils of our society and this idea attempts to fight this evil head-on. After all, how can society progress when its children are not allowed to have a childhood? This idea demonstrates the need to break this continuous cycle and positions education as the way to do that.”

The campaign is live across ASBB & BBH India’s social channels.

Credits –
Chief Creative Officer & Managing Partner – Russell Barrett
CEO & Managing Partner – Subhash Kamath
Managing Director – Arvind Krishnan
Creative Director – Sapna Ahluwalia, Yohan Daver
Copywriter – Yohan Daver, Jugal Joseph
Art Director – Sapna Ahluwalia, Shelton D’Souza
Illustrator – Shirin Kekre, Manas Kunder
Animator – Shirin Kekre
Account management – Akshaya Gangan
Strategy Planner – Nikhil Chinnari, Pranoy Kanojia