OMD Sydney office closes due to coronavirus fears

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OMD Sydney office closes due to coronavirus fears

Following the temporary closure of OMD UK, OMD Sydney has also closed the office due to coronavirus (Covid-19) fears.


OMD Sydney CEO Aimee Buchanan sent an email to staff last week stating that the office will be closed Friday 28 February and Monday March 2.

Part of the email from Buchanan stated: “You may have seen the news today that OMD UK closed their offices as one of their staff has come down with the flu like symptoms following a trip from Australia via Singapore.

“Given the Coronavirus breakout around the world, we will also be acting with precaution and closing the OMD Sydney office until we have clearance from our UK office.

“This means that the Sydney office will be closed for Friday 28th Feb and likely Monday 2nd March (we will confirm this tomorrow) whilst we await the individual’s test results.

“We will require all stage to work from home or a suitable location during this period. We understand this may be an inconvenience for some of you in the short term, however our staff’s health and well-being is paramount.”

OMG CEO Peter Horgan confirmed this by saying: “OMD Australia has advised all Sydney employees to work from home today, following reports that one of our OMD London colleagues has come down with flu-like symptoms after visiting Sydney for business (via Singapore).

“While this is not a confirmed case of coronavirus, we have taken this precautionary measure as the health and safety of our employees is our top priority. OMD Australia has also notified all visitors to its Sydney office in the past week.

“OMD will continue business as usual, with staff working remotely to minimise impact on our clients. We plan to be back to normal business operations on Monday.”