ZOO Group Singapore creates a new look for Boncafe

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ZOO Group Singapore creates a new look for Boncafe

Boncafé has partnered with ZOO Group Singapore to create a fresh new look for the household brand.


While informing the general public about Boncafé’s new packaging design, this campaign sought to reach out to millennials to create brand and product awareness.

The campaign is rooted in the idea that although what’s on the outside looks distinctively different, the roasted and ground Boncafé coffee beans within the package has remained as good as before.

To get the public acquainted with a new chapter to a classic, ZOO Group launched an integrated communications campaign. Through combining social media engagement with OOH spend and BTL POSM, the campaign raised awareness for this exciting change and promoted ease of brand recognition and message retention.

Using wholly painted bus wraps on single decker buses, ZOO Group chose strategic bus routes to boost the campaign’s visibility. Complementing that, digital OOH advertising solutions were employed in areas that receive high footfall like Bugis Junction and public transport stops. Wobblers on supermarket shelves helped promote the product in-store.

ZOO Group extended the impact of this campaign through reaching Singaporean millennials, the demographic that currently holds the most spending power. The campaign created brand and product awareness among this group by emphasising passionate people, everyday passions, and Boncafé’s passion for coffee in our social media campaign and digital banners.

Tammy Chua, Boncafé’s Regional Marketing Manager said, “In our continuous effort to improve our product, we are pleased to  ave partnered with ZOO Group Singapore to carry out the campaign for our brand’s new look.”

ZOO Group Singapore creates a new look for Boncafe