Digitas China wins three clients through remote working and pitching during the peak of coronavirus

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Digitas China wins three clients through remote working and pitching during the peak of coronavirus

Digitas recently won 3 clients in China including Zeiss COP, Abrecombie and Fitch, and Wellington College China.


Notably, all three clients’ digital creative execution businesses were won by Digitas’s China team through remote “cloud offices” during the peak of the coronavirus.

During the fierce pitch process, Digitas China stood out thanks to its deep understanding of brands and consumers, unique creative scope and strong media support, and ultimately won the Zeiss optics (Zeiss COP) series of Terra ED telescope outdoor integrated campaign business. This project includes digital creative, social and media, KOL cooperation, and video production.

Olivia Lu, Senior Marketing Manager Zeiss COP, said: “It was a unique pitch experience and I was impressed by the overall performance of the Digitas team. Although they were working from home, their productivity or enthusiasm has not been slowed down. It is their professionalism during this tough time that makes us more confident that Digitas will be an excellent partner in the future, and we look forward to their expertise in digital technology innovation to reinvigorate the brand.”

Digitas China also won A&F’s digital marketing strategy, particularly for Customer Relationship Management, including its diffusion line Hollister Co. The partnership will be formally launched in May 2020. Digitas will tackle the challenges and opportunities facing the brand from the perspective of both communication and marketing, and provide a highly mature consumer experience with innovative and personalized communication through the integration and connection of online data from A&F social channels, in-depth consumer insight, and analysis.

“Digitas has a clear strategy and approach to customer acquisition, reactivation, and retention. Extensive ideas in loyalty club improvement and campaign planning. Detail solution and good product partnership on automation of customer communication,” said Lily, Abercrombie & Fitch, Head of APAC CRM.

In addition, Digitas will assist client Wellington College China in developing digital platforms strategically in 2020 to enhance the user experience and thereby upgrade the brand image.

Reviewing the pitch, Michelle Liang, chief operating officer of Wellington College China, said: “Digitas had a comprehensive and deep understanding of digital strategy, marketing technology, user experience, and project management during the presentation. Wellington College China, together with Wellington College international, Huili Nursery and Huili School, look forward to taking our digital brand image to a new level with this website revamp, and we look forward to a successful partnership with Digitas.”

Sharon Ho, Managing Director Digitas China (pictured) said: “During this special period, Digitas‘ digital marketing experts can be flexible and efficient working through the ‘cloud office’ to win new business. That proved our team can always keep creative and professional, through the remote collaborative office to meet client’s demands even in a tough time. The successful wins of these new businesses also demonstrate that Digitas is recognized for its expertise in creative, digital, social, and media marketing. We will continue to strengthen our digital technology capabilities to provide our customers with a comprehensive service driven by data, supported by in-depth insights and communication with consumers. Digitas position ourselves as “the Connected Agency”. We are connected with our clients, the market, the consumers under whatever condition.”