Director’s Think Tank brings to life Lazada’s ‘Unlock a Better Life’ brand purpose

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Director’s Think Tank brings to life Lazada’s ‘Unlock a Better Life’ brand purpose

Director’s Think Tank (DTT) in Malaysia collaborated with eCommerce platform Lazada to create a series of films highlighting how its products and services have helped consumers find joy and comfort during national restrictions around the Southeast Asia region.


Directed by Sling Ng, co-directed by Carolyn Chon and Chevie Law, Unlock a Better Life, tells the story of consumers turning to Lazada to find normalcy during this challenging period.

The arrival of packages from Lazada are most often welcomed with excitement from recipients as these parcels have the power to transform ordinary household routines into moments of learning, inspiration, and genuine connection.

Through the film, it reiterates Lazada’s role in fulfilling the delivery of daily essentials amidst physical distancing measures and gaining access to key items to help “unlock” boundaries while staying indoors. Our protagonists are featured in three categories – passion, fun entertainment and daily essentials, demonstrated by sharing knowledge and picking up tips via Lazada’s LazLive livestreaming technology while engaging in their hobbies, cooking, beauty, cleaning and organising, fitness and wellness.

All footage was shot on an iPhone and features mostly the DTT team, their families and friends doing activities they are genuinely passionate about. Ng briefed the entire team on Zoom prior to self-shooting themselves based on their activity of interest. The film will be used regionally and features multiple cut-downs of 15 second and 6-seconder spots.

“I’m truly grateful for the team at Lazada for allowing us to create such meaningful content during this unprecedented time,” said Sling Ng, Director at DTT. “I must admit it was a challenging shoot. We had limitations of resources and time to ensure that the content we produced stayed relevant and topical while maintaining physical distancing measures. This project made us more creative in finding ways to execute the multiple storylines without compromising on quality. Technology also played a big part allowing us to brainstorm internally with all of our directors and also guiding everyone during the process of the shoot,” she continued.

As part of the Unlock a Better Life series, DTT also created a film for Lazada’s seller audience to highlight the ease of setting up a business on the platform. Lazada is supporting over 150,000 SMEs across six markets they operate in to digitise and diversify their retail with online selling in the form of localised SME stimulus packages, traffic and campaign exposure, and access to livestreaming channels to create engaging content to promote their products and services. The B2B film was created in claymation by Mr Oz, a claymation artist based in the US who recently joined DTT’s roster.

“With physical distancing measures in place across countries, there is a clear shift in consumer buying towards online shopping and spending more time online. Our videos help unlock people’s mindset of managing routine chores or staying indoors to be viewed with a new lens. At the same time, technology is here to connect us, whether it is through learning a new skill or entrepreneurs looking to digitalise their business. We at Lazada believe in enabling people to bring out the best in themselves so they can ‘unlock a better life,” said Mary Zhou, Lazada’s Group Chief Marketing Officer.



Director’s Think Tank brings to life Lazada’s ‘Unlock a Better Life’ brand purpose Director’s Think Tank brings to life Lazada’s ‘Unlock a Better Life’ brand purpose