The Work 2020 Contenders: Bear Meets Eagle on Fire

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With Cannes Lions and LIA postponed until 2021, Campaign Brief is still out to recognise and showcase the great work that is being produced in the region. So we are introducing The Work 2020 Contenders.

Optus: 5G explained
Bear Meets Eagle on Fire
There is a lot of confusion about 5G and what it means today, with much of the conversation focused on the intangible future – holograms and autonomous flying taxis. This presented an opportunity for Optus to be the antidote to the inconceivable, instead choosing to explain to Aussies how 5G works.

The simple structure of our campaign uses character groups of five people that begin with the letter “G” – 5Geniuses, 5Grannies, 5Guitarists and 5Game Characters each explaining a different aspect of the new technology in a playful way.

Optus: Donate Your Data
Bear Meets Eagle on Fire
Underprivileged kids in Australia, can easily get left behind academically and socially, making it difficult to fulfill their potential. These ‘data poor’, kids often find it hard to keep up with things going on in the world, which affects their studies and contributes to them feeling disconnected to their peers.

Optus created a new feature on their app which allows anyone to donate some of their unused data to help those who need it most. To help raise awareness of this Donate Your Data initiative, we created an animated film that showed how a little empathy from a stranger, can help a kid keep from being left behind.


The entry deadline for Campaign Brief’s The Work 2020 is this Friday, May 22. Entries are FREE with only an acceptance fee charged for those that make the cut. See full details and enter here… If your agency would like to showcase your best work in our Contenders series email