MAKE Technology Philippines relaunches with new vibrant corporate website

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MAKE Technology Philippines relaunches with new vibrant corporate website

MAKE Technology Philippines, a subsidiary company of Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, recently relaunched its corporate website with a bolder design to celebrate the company’s youthful spirit, and signal its readiness for the evolving needs of the times.


The website relaunch is one of the many efforts of the company to reassert and cement its expertise and leadership in creating seamless and frictionless user experiences through technology and innovations.

“We wanted the new website to represent who we are and how we work as a Company”, says Arthur Young, Chairman, and CEO of the Ace Saatchi and Saatchi Group of Companies. “Make was made to be different, where our fundamental purpose goes beyond just building websites and mobile applications in the conventional way. Instead, we are driven to create digital platforms that are human-centric — making these brand experience channels more inclusive and accessible to everyone, everywhere. This is the future we already live in, where customers and consumers expect more than just advertising, they expect seamless and painless experiences that make their lives easier and better.”

Composed of a team of thinkers, designers, and builders, MAKE has quickly and readily adapted to the realities of this pandemic world with innovative turnkey solutions and services focused on helping clients navigate their businesses in this “new normal”, which comes with the pressing need to pivot towards highly-functioning and productive business operations through remote connectivity and collaboration.

“We designed both our services and our working process to mirror the needs of modern-day businesses”, cites Jessica Wenzell Rikansrud, MAKE Technology’s co-founder and Head of Global Business Development. “We heavily engage our client partners and stakeholders from the onset, and all throughout our Development process. By taking the time to gain a deeper understanding of what elements of their business ‘keeps them up at night’, and by working closely with them throughout the process to discover and unearth innovative solutions for their business — we are able to create not just beautiful and functional digital platforms, we are also able to help them overcome roadblocks so they can ultimately achieve their goals and targets.”

As further testament to their commitment to providing the highest quality standards, Make is the first UX Design and Development firm in the Philippines to receive the ISO 9001:2015 certification, ensuring that their products and services meet the international quality standards of excellence.